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On the bus, in the office

The mood in office is discernably different today. Tomorrow is the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi, a major festival in this part of the country, and therefore a holiday. Though it translated into a half-day holiday only. However, what it effectively means is, we got a two day weekend. Thats rare. Rarer than a dead dodo.

So the other day when I was coming to office I sat beside a lady. She was not just traveling by bus. She was settled there. Not too old, she must be in her late 20s or at max early 30s (though I doubt that), house-wifey in her demeanor, and, well, theres no other way of saying it, but fat. She had reached the kind of equilibrium people reach when they travel for 8 hours on any mode of transport. Slumped down in her seat, she occupied 3/4 of it, her two plump bags were like modified glorified versions of sacks, resting on her knees beyond the point her belly ended. A bottle of 500ml Pepsi lay outside resting between her bags and the windowsill. In her hands was an open Readers Digest (saw someone reading this after years!). and she looked comfortable and totally grown into that seat. Like she has been transposed from a chair-car train or something. It was amazing to note her. She got down sometime before my stop, and Im sure her journey wasnt longer than an hour (earleist stop of the bus couldnt take longer at that time of the day).
For a moment I though she might be pregnant - that being most womens excuse to eat continuously and occupy loads of space. but she was plain fat.
Her bags were a mess when she started looking through it for her mobile phone which started ringing - two rectangles of cloth stitched together, fastened by a zip at the top, with 2 loops of nylon for handle - and I couldnt help but notice how long she took to find it through all the layers of rubbish - candy wrappers, bits of paper, and goodness knows what. It was not only a mess, it was horrible. I looked away.
She was reaching her office. I mentally pitied the people who would need to work with her. She wasnt dirty, and it wasnt her fat. IT was just that she was horrendously disorganised, with not a breath of ... responsiblity or action taking behavior apparent anywhere. The type whom you would expect to pass on the job the moment it reaches her desk. Perhaps do some of it, but best suited to plop on a sofa somewhere, and laze back and eat, and pass a lazy comment here and there. Yes, lazy would be the term.

I re-iterate. Having the Information Security officer sit next to you is unnerving. You dont want to know about the new password implementations and penalty systems etc all underway.

The weekend Cometh. I look forward. 15 more minutes.

Suddenly I get performance appraisal forms. On mail. Complicated looking things. Due date: 10th Sept. Hmm, 2008 I wonder?


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17th Sep, 2007 07:18 (UTC)
the title
somehow reminds me of the song \" On the roof, in the rain\". :D. i have nothing to comment on the post unfortunately at the moment.
17th Sep, 2007 09:11 (UTC)
ok. first i thought of comparing this character to N on ur old floor, but then i realized that N is fat and sleepy but she ain't dirty. she is organised, and well does work which she willingly does ;) and voilla, she just sleepily passed my seat now! he he !
but i know wot u mean. they have a natural filter mechanism for work - half of it gets done even before reaching them!
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