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Wolf! Wolf!!

Meandering down from my boss' office, I picked up the phone of a credit card company and was idly chatting up (I sometimes do that if I have the time-makes the poor telecallers day to give me a loan of Rs10). Then I picked up the phone of a frnd, and ordered for a cup of tea from the pantry, heading that way.

Making a U-turn to complete a certain sentence, I idly contemplated the 'Break in case of Fire' red box with glass in between at the staircase junction. As usual, I run my fingers along it, passively contemplating the pressure required to break it, the utility of breaking it, the consequences, the ... oops! It broke. For a milisecond there (it felt like a minute), I waited. Silence. Bittersweet, i turned back to the conversation, when


I had pressed the button! the glass had broken! The silence was jarred! the ALARM was RINGING!!!!

With my heart in my mouth, I rushed to the pantry, to the nearest phone trying to remember the name of the admin woman who (I presumed) would have the alarm system button with her, to tell her its literally, a false alarm.
No one around could tell me her name!

I called #6. Reception....

More on the story later.
Including the allegation on my red nail paint


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20th Sep, 2007 13:00 (UTC)
you didnt!?
omigosh.. lets hear the rest of it quick!......
21st Sep, 2007 05:04 (UTC)
Re: you didnt!?
i have always been tempted to do that everytime i see that red shiny glass walled box, and run for life before people find out!.. i am not alone, though in your case it appears to be an accidental trigger, or is it? ;)
21st Sep, 2007 05:53 (UTC)
Re: you didnt!?
He he, it had always been inviting me ;) It was just a question of extra pressure I guess.
20th Sep, 2007 14:18 (UTC)
I am J knowing u get to raise a fire alarm! i wana wana!
so many times i have to force myself away from the enticing red and white box and its glittering glass with a small hammer attached to it with a chain.....
20th Sep, 2007 14:19 (UTC)
Re: LOL !
signed - Deee
21st Sep, 2007 05:52 (UTC)
Re: LOL !
it was a lil inviting always :D
21st Sep, 2007 09:51 (UTC)
Re: LOL !
Well, i will say it IS a li'l inviting still! ;)
20th Sep, 2007 16:22 (UTC)
Was it..
..similar to this?
21st Sep, 2007 05:50 (UTC)
Re: Was it..
Oh no, it was a true full fledged Fire alarm blaring system. The small break-glass-in-case-of-fire thingy.
21st Sep, 2007 04:59 (UTC)
Oh man. That's both horrifying and awesome at the same time. Honestly, if it broke that easily, you really can't be blamed for it. Anyone who stumbled and bumped into it would have set it off as well.
21st Sep, 2007 05:51 (UTC)
I did put some extra pressure on it :D
But yeah, have told the required people to look into the matter.
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