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[LJ2ME] Rebranding

How much money would the telecom brand lovingly known thru India as 'hutch' have spent on branding i wonder.
As the indian co in which Orange had a stake it created series of award winning advertisements and found a niche in the mind of the cluttered indian public. To the extent the word 'hi' came to be associated with it. Later, the famous dog and kid would become part of indian history.
When orange exited, the warm glow was replaced by an electric pink which though not loved was unique enough to be associated only with hutch. Quite difficult in unexp world to create a niche where a colour reminds you of a brand!
Now, thanks to vodaphone having taken over, we see the third wave of advertising. Red this time sound. With an overused tired looking pup peering out of its hutch, it will take a lot of effort to recreate what the initial brand had wrought. To top it, the red and white of vodaphone is already the defining colour of airtel the largest single competitor to hutch, with its signature tune by rehman.
Hutch has always commanded a slight premium in pricing in a cost competitive indian telecom market. Till now i did not care. I liked hutch. Somehow. Now, i dont think i care. It looks too much like anything else, its uniqueness overused and were it not for the switching pain of change in number, i gladly would.
I an sure so would many other users.
What do you say to that Vodaphone?

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21st Sep, 2007 19:29 (UTC)
I gonna miss Hutch..especially the cute guy and gal called 'H' and 'i'
I hope Vodafone dont screw up the image and decide to go massmarket like Airtel >.
21st Sep, 2007 20:07 (UTC)
i was going
to write about this.. you beat me to it. I feel very indifferent to hutch/vodafone now. first i was put off with the change to pink, but still it was hutch and now junta red and this change to vodafone, i dont like the word on my mobile..
23rd Sep, 2007 18:50 (UTC)
Bah. I was gonna post on this T_T
I think the cute guy and girl used in ads earlier will stay...but somehow it's not the same. And yeah it's red and white again >.< And already when u call a switched off Hutch phone it now says "The vodafone u are trying to call is switched off".
Well, their service better be good...and I hope they continue with the two-to-talk cards for texting freaks like me ^_^()
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