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Today and Popularity

It is the kind of weather which makes you think of songs like November Rain and Come Away with Me.
The kind of time of the year when it truly feels like monsoons.
The silence intersperced by far away sounds.
When you want to sit contentedly and read a book, and stare away at the clouds and circling birds, listen to music with half an attentive ear.
With a nice cup of hot coffee at strategic times, brought in by someone else.

And wonder at the people by-passing land and flying by helicopters up above.

But, even though its the most important date of Ganesh Chaturthi and even though the state has declared a holiday, we sit in office, hoping the road situation will worsen enough to go home early (yes Im the kind of scum who prefers going home and not working to spending time in office).

So yesterday was the "Twenty-20" match. Indians went wild. Sorry. Most Indians went wild.
I suffered the fate of those who do not understand the concept or enthusiasm factor of the most popular game on the face of the Earth.

Why I say on the face of the earth?
Well, figure this. There are more than a billion Indians in India.
Most Indians LOVE cricket. And that would still be an understatement.
Count out a few thousand like me, you are still left with a billion. Or close to it anyway.
Add the other millions of Indians who live in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and some North African countries.

Add to that people of countries other than India who follow cricket - Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, New Zealand (ok so that last one hardly has any population to boast of) - and you have a sizeable sum of human beings who dig cricket.

Which other sport can say that? Perhaps soccer. [Sigh. ^_^] And, perhaps not. 'India+' alone beats number statistics of every other sport.

So, the fact of the matter is, I cannot really enthuse myself over cricket. Even when I try. A couple of times I did enjoy the game. But Im pretty sure it was more due to the enthusiasm of people around me. For example, the India-Pakistan match of 2003, or was it 2002, at campus.

And it is a popular sport. One on which I can probably throw a few wild cards on, but not one which I can speak of with any feigned enthusiasm either.

All I will say is, it is a tad difficult to have the whole country enthuse, talk, celebrate and focus on one thing, the presence of which you dont acknowledge. Even if it is the most popular sport in civilised countries, Im sorry, but 'Blue' (pun intended) is not my favourite colour. I prefer purple.

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25th Sep, 2007 13:23 (UTC)
wats purple? some football team..or just like that?
27th Sep, 2007 06:26 (UTC)
Re: Purple?
Some colour that meant no allegiance to anything - except perhaps royalty ;)
26th Sep, 2007 17:31 (UTC)
Ah purple! the color of...erm..ummmm....ok...i wont say the word...or words.
Though i would say, i find it really strange for you to have it as your fav...i dont know much about this color thingy but does it actually fit with your personality type?? ;)
27th Sep, 2007 06:29 (UTC)
Re: Purple
What is purple the colour of? No ideah!
and the hoice of colour was off the hat. anything but blue!
28th Sep, 2007 03:59 (UTC)
Re: Purple
Purple stands for royalty,passion,lust.. they sit well with you eh? ;)..though you probably mean blue complement, any colour you like sort of pink floyd song esque..
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