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To the Hutch-Vodafone post of mine. Well, what do you know?
Vodafone is going to reduce call rates.
To those of the present CDMA carrier - Reliance. 80paise per interstate call.

This is the same brand which brought in paid sms-es to the country in 2001. Till then smses were free. Surprisingly, for the sake of the brand name, people were willing to even pay for a free service.
That same brand, oops, company, is now getting its hands dirty in price wars.

Well, as a customer I say out with sentimentality and in with lower costs (in an already cheapest mobile country).

As long as Oligopoly doesnt hit, Im happy. but so much cost competition usually means a soon-to-be-coming Oligopolistic scenario, and then bye-bye 'winning customer'.

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28th Sep, 2007 10:49 (UTC)
My worst fears..
Hutch always had a classy appeal. They never resorted to celebrity endorsements and before the pug arrived, their ads just had a closeup of a random person's face and the word 'Hi'. Also the cute hand drawn 'H' and 'i' couple were featured.
Another thing I liked about Hutch-they were ahead of Airtel in offering data services; I've had GPRS and internet on my phones since 2004.
And the main thing-they had excellent and responsive customer service and they NEVER EVER bugged me with recorded messages and SMSes hawking ringtones.

Is all that set to change? Looks like Vodafone wants to take on Airtel now in the price wars and go for the unwashed masses in a big way. I hope to goodness they don't start spamming us with SMSes Airtel style. >__<
29th Sep, 2007 06:03 (UTC)
Re: My worst fears..
well, u have been lucky. i usually get a message or two on free wallpapers a day.
28th Sep, 2007 12:58 (UTC)
that means
1. our reliance phones are soon going to be redundant.
2. hutch/vodafone is now part of the junta companies, and has lost its niche appeal, how soon before all the malaises of their competitors come.
3. its a dog's world for sure.
still i guess we must be happier given the lower calling rates.. :)
29th Sep, 2007 06:01 (UTC)
Re: that means
oh im pretty sure Reliance will reduce rates :)
i have faith in Anilji oops. bhai.
4th Oct, 2007 13:34 (UTC)
last month one of the executives of Hutch called me for Feedback. My response was "just short of excellent" .
In last one month - I am sick of Hutch/ Vodafone. AND, RIM. Basically, all the cellular companies have stopped investing in new infra and the services have deteriorated pathetically.
i think i will send them a complaint mail ;)
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