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Sugar Free time!

To quote, today: "A long-term bad mood isn't necessarily a sign of maladjustment. Sometimes, it's just called adolescence."
And the other times, it is onset by a lack of sugar sweets.

What do you feel when smitten by a particular brand of Muesli you go ahead and buy a mega jar of it. I.e., a 1000gm jar of it, only to realise that while replacing the dented jar, you had been given the 'Sugar Free' variety with none of the things that makes Muesli so special to me! - No honey, no almonds, no raisins, no sugar.
Why would I have Muesli then?! At least Diwali is coming and the huge dry fruit supply Im sure to get from home should help. Honey I can add myself.
Bah. No wonder I dint like it that last time I had it, and wondered whats wrong (Since I loved the rich taste of this brand). The last month was spent in my effort to finish the new Muesli I had tried. Interesting cover - if only it tasted as good. Sigh. (Even the website is sluggish :/) Only to realise later that even the 'Classic' variety was sugar free. Why?
Seems to be bad Muesli time for me for some time in the future ;) Whats more, I generally steer clear of sugar free stuff - they never ever have tasted good.

If you are diabetic or recommended by the doctor to have sugar free stuff, I can understand. If you want to lose weight. Control your eating habits! Dont stuff lots of sugar free stuff down your throat. Dont give all those companies out there to make you pay more for stuff in which they add less. Because when you do, you make me do it too :( Unwittingly.
And whats worse are the sugar substitutes - not only are they sweeter, but pack no nutrition, and leave me with a not-so-nice taste in my mouth.
So many times, me, the simple, unwitting, trusting consumer has bought chewing gum, cola, chocolate, heck! even Bengali Sweets without noticing the small 'Sugar Free' logo on the side - inconspicuous to my innocent and naive eyes. And thence have cursed my lack of eyesight of patience while buying the product. Why not a different shelf for them I say!

Ah well, at least for the coming few weeks I will be a little more careful ;)

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5th Nov, 2007 07:43 (UTC)
you know
one is not eating enough, when you have to look up Muesli on wikipedia!. Is there an Indian name/equivalent for it?
5th Nov, 2007 10:54 (UTC)
Re: you know
He he he... no nothing in Indian. its a mixture of cereal and dry fruits and cereal is not exactly an Indian thingy ;) its german/ Swiss.
and yeah, i like the taste ;) - of the NORMAL honeyed one of course :D
5th Nov, 2007 19:31 (UTC)
Muesli.. Now that is one scary cereal.. apart for the quaker oatmeal cereal..nothing can be worse than this dry fruited, nutty monstrosity :).
6th Nov, 2007 05:17 (UTC)
Ha ha. Oats are a different ballgame altogether :( dont like em at all!
but Muesli with cold milk . yum :) if, that is, we are talking of the 'correct' one here!

Psst - u know another reason i like it? it gives me filling breakfast, without having to move more than a bowl n spoon! ah. the evils of staying 'alone'
6th Nov, 2007 12:10 (UTC)
There was this mental ad on FM radio in the old days..
'I was everyone's sweetypie,
So fat that I could cry!
The message from my measuring tape,
said 'Baby, get into shape!!'
Now i'm happy as can be,
I've discovered MUESLI!!!*"

*Original one said 'SugarFree'
6th Nov, 2007 12:39 (UTC)
Re: There was this mental ad on FM radio in the old days..
ROFL!!! U cant be serious?!

anf FU (or FYI), Muesli is not wt loss thingy

sigh. the whole post reeks of muesli now! so much for sugar free ;)
6th Nov, 2007 12:44 (UTC)
Re: There was this mental ad on FM radio in the old days..
Oh yeah..Times FM had some really catchy jingles back in the day..u just gave me an idea for a post!
I know about it not being weightloss...was just suddenly reminded of that and so decided to remix! ^^
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