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Valentines Day

The day was fine, me listening to music and working, as usual, a little put off by monday in the morning, but back to the elements by afternoon.
'Happy' indeed can be word used. There I was, forgotten were the early morning 'valentines day' forwards...send it to 5 ppl and ur valentine wish will come true crap.
then at 845 am my grandpa asks me to be his valentine. I of course agree, even without flowers and gifts :) Thereafter apart from an odd valentines day forward (like it was diwali or christmas or something!)i got a number of bills, and offers from Credit card companies...Humph.
These, however, as I mentioned were out of my mind till now. Then, the floor peon comes to me with a heavy-ish white envelope and says...'seems like a gift for you' im like"Wow! Thanks! Interesting!" and I open it...the peon is of course gone by then.

Inside, in a nice wrapping paper, is a Cadburys Temptation, from someone in Torrent, i think, since the envelope says 'To, Ms. Dipta Chaudhury, Torrent', in green ink.

On the wrapping paper is "Dear Dips, Happy Valentines Day, " and then a sign i cant decipher! looks like 'Srabs'... and i certainly dont know of anyone who would fit a near enough name.
certainly intruiging. Since this person obviously expects me to know him/her. Otherwise there wouldnt be the sign! and of course in such a case im supposed to call and say something. a thank you (i expect it to be someone elderly) or something!
I copare it with signs i know - and draw a line. I catch hold of the peon and he says hes picked it up from the reception...
well, the mystery should get solved soon, though the chocolates will get over sooner, and the end of the mystery is not expected to be interesting.
POINT to consider - who calls me 'Dips' in the company?? hmm...

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14th Feb, 2005 18:22 (UTC)
Sometimes it helps..
...to let mysteries be! Maybe whoever sent it read your blog-and got to know your name that way?
14th Feb, 2005 20:13 (UTC)
Mystery Solved !!
Me !! Me !! It was ME !! I did it !!
15th Feb, 2005 04:19 (UTC)
Re: Mystery Solved !!
Ya ya...sure! found out. It was a non-torrent frnd. He left it with the guards and expected me to pick it up in the evening. So he messaged me in the evening ... and consequently solved the mystery.
As I said the solution was not as exciting. Howver, thankfully, its no one in office :)
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