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Some stuff

What are the chances that ComicZone is allowed but Diesel Sweeties is blocked by the server? Humph!

Anyway, in my varied experience, I have found that men like make-up. Especially if given a chance to experiment with it, once in a while. It is something that is so unique and unknown to them, that you can see the turn into curious kids when given a chance to use it. Even if it is something as simple as a flavoured lip balm.
No wonder we see the assendance of metrosexual men. Men who take the license to try out all those products - albeit in a different format.
More on this later when I get the chance ;)

And once again the debate on which is better - train or flight - came up. I personally, prefer a train journey, unless its a matter of a few days. But then there are those poor souls who think flights are better and comfortable! Well..its a long debate. But really...how can you compare them unless you are traveling J class.
Unless of course you are one of those weird people do not - use a public loo or similar stuff. Now thats plain ... weird.

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5th Dec, 2007 05:09 (UTC)
Thanks! Will try it out. Though if it is linked to source, it just might not work.
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