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the Sexy World

So everything nowadays is "sexy". the adjectives "great", "beautiful", "best", "lovely" and more (which I cant remember) seem to have vanished from the vocabulary of journalists (if you can call them that anymore).

Sometime towards the end of the last century someone famously stated the infamous phrase - sex sells.
And media has not looked back since.
Imagine classics like “Wonderful tonight” and “Just the way you are” and “Annies Song” in todays light.
Yo baby yo, you look so sexy
You got my heart beatin like crazy
Hey babe
Your sex appeal getting me crazy
The way you move you’re a$$
I like you the way you are
There was a time when people talked about the gorgeous Bond girls. About the ‘best legs’ in the industry.

About how a product was ‘good’, awesome’. About how amazing the scene in a certain pub was.
Even, how bitterly cold it was out there or how terribly hot.
Now, its all encompassed into this single word – sexy.
It’s the sexy woman in the movie, the sexiest legs in Hollywood, the sexiest smile (though u may be talking of a sweet smile) a sexy product (it may be a software or a television), a sexy pub with sexy music, sexy cold and sexy weather!
The best part about the whole thing is, no one defines sexy. Oxford dictionary and the lot had tried in the past, but then of course it wasn’t a generic adjective. Then the defition changed. The current definition on Merriam Webster runs something like:
1. sexually suggestive or stimulating : erotic
2 : generally attractive or interesting : appealing <a sexy stock>
Hm. The very connotation of sexy also changes season to season. It is not beauty, which remains the same. Greta Garbo was considered beautiful and stunning at one time. Today she may be reduced to a simple “sexy”.
Heck. What was considered “hot” and sexy a few months ago is considered dowdy now.
There was a time when sexy was an attitude. Something unique. Marilyn Monroe changed the lives of men (and women) around that.
Pretty was pretty. Intelligent was just that. Stunning was something different, voluptuous, petite, were all different. Now its all sexy.
Except the girl next door you say. Not really. You have the GND sexy looks too.
Sexy books have nothing to do with it, mind you. If someone tells you a book is ‘sexy’ they mean the second part of the definition given above. It means the book is a great read. Or maybe has awesome material. Or perhaps is different. Well, you will not know till you read it, for afterall, who will not read a sexy book!
A sexy website may well have engineering bolts described in details on it, and a sexy videogame lets you play with ammunition and monsters.
Even marketing blogs around the world now use “sexy” as a kind of description of the kind of marketing to be used.
The election campaigns can well be described as sexy by the journalists.
Its not us, it trickles down to us from somewhere. It trickles down from those people who use it to convey messages to us. which just about happens to be the ruler of this century – Media.

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15th Dec, 2007 17:04 (UTC)
hey sexy! :D
sexy blog post that!..
this line had me cracking up..
A sexy website may well have engineering bolts described in details on it
18th Dec, 2007 05:57 (UTC)
It's a gradual homogenization of language
I was gonna make the sexy wisecrack but sashdude beat me to it.
Language is slowly eroding..take the proliferation of Hinglish for instance.
You find ad hoardings with the local language, but written in Roman.
Is it so hard to print a notice in devanagari or any other indian script?
And if you watch news channels..they use so many English words one wonders why even bother with a regional language broadcast!
19th Dec, 2007 07:57 (UTC)
Re: It's a gradual homogenization of language
oh no! Devnagri!! Are you from Mars? Dont you know its not "hep"? (with stress on the "e")

Ads are mostly made out of Bombay. Bombay ppl find any language other than English, uneducated and "desi". Using Hinglish is "stooping to conquer", like an Englishman speaking in Irish or dropping his "h" to win hearts of 'mango public'.

if u can use "u" instead of "you" why cant u use Hinglish? Hai na?

The true Brown Sahib is now, not 10 yrs ago when propah english was de rigeur
26th Dec, 2007 10:27 (UTC)
And to think that in the 90’s, the song featuring Karishma and sung by Alisha Chinai was redubbed as “Baby baby baby mujhe log bole”. The song had made headlines in leading publications. I remember India Today had a cover story on it.

26th Dec, 2007 10:29 (UTC)
Oh yeah! and remember that Govinda song plagiarising Right Said Fred "meri pant bhi sexy meri shirt bhi sexy..."
We used to sing it for kicks in our school bus, replacing sexy with "taxi".

And today Im sure no one blushes while mouthing lyrics of songs like 'Candyshop'!
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