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Person of the Year

Time Person of the Year is announced. Agreement with the choice (and runner ups) is personal, but one of the international few face to face interviews with Vladimir Putin  (with inputs of Time) is definitely worth a read - not  withstanding the time it may take. Impressive.

And if people can call someone the next greatest emperor after Peter the Great, in an elected country, well, the man should not look further than not spoiling the message mesez.

The article leaves a lot of gaps - many of Russia's secrets. But anyone can read the ruthlessness of Putin between the lines. No one can rise to power as simply as described.
And how many people would have 'joked' like the following dedicated to them?
Putin and Bush are fishing on the Volga River. After half an hour Bush complains, "Vladimir, I'm getting bitten like crazy by mosquitoes, but I haven't seen a single one bothering you." Putin: "They know better than that."

What must it be like to be in a country ruled by a powerful persona, one you can admire, look up to or, simply, hate from the bottom of the heart? One powerful enough to make you fear him, and not his party, or his allies, or his frnd. Just him, alone.

So the article only tries to define their reasoning (subtly, very subtly) and strengthens their choice, but yes, its also a pathbreak - what better way to bring Russia back with a bang into media than from the cover of Time magazine?


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20th Dec, 2007 11:12 (UTC)
Russians crave stability..
At least the older generation, who remember life under communism, do. The cult of personality displayed by Putin is barely 10% that of 'Uncle Joe' Stalin. You'll find heaps of propaganda posters of him smiling with kids, or giving speeches and so on-while in reality he was a far more ruthless mass murderer than Hitler.
Putin isn't quite there (thankfully), nor do I think he wants to do that.
End of the day-he is a world leader with brass balls. Also, heading the only country that can match the US in a military show of strength, not to mention a significant force for 3/4ths of the last century.
But if u ask me-it's the first line that i said that counts. We used to have great world leaders in the past-by 'great' i just mean men of power, who wield it more or less responsibly.
There was Churchill, Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson, and now Putin!!
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