DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

New Search Option

Check out the Custom Search option within my page. On the left, right under the page summary, you can type in anything you want to dig out from the past pages (of DippyBlogs only) and view it at one go.

This is something that I've wanted for me own personal use (much easier than looking up tags - which is especially difficult if the particular item you want to specify or correlate was written at a time when the tags option was not available) when I want to reference a prior post. Since by the time the tag option was introduced I had already written quite a few articles, I just couldnt bring myself to sit and tag everything.

But this nifty tool should help me, and maybe you, now.

Another kudos to Google. This simple tool asks you to specify which pages you want to search (using wildcards help you go upto any pages in past) and then just use the script on the required page (even though eljay doesnt allow it in my style off page), and Voila! you can search all you want.

Am rather pleased at the moment ^^
Tags: amusing, crazy, fun, pleased

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