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early in the morning is no time to be disgusted right? i mean the whole day full of work is ther in front of u. but here i am...
there is one assignement which was suddenly decided to be sent to the 'client' by ady before. so workde on it,. after the final draft, i was told to revise some points, and i agreed. they made sense. so i worked on it like crazy yesterday, defended my assumptions and waited for the 'final' mail which said.OK
but htat was not to happen. wait as i did for ages, no mail appeared. at last after a nighs suspense today morning, i expected the best (my mistake). got a long mail, which asks me to revise my initla assumptions, on the basis of alogic which i dont get...and reading that mail has just blocked my head. i mean really blocked! cant think. feel like wool stuffed between my ears.
now i know there are more things to be done, but totally given up. im sick of this topic, and tired of thinking and working about it,especially since the set deadline is past, i dont feel like raising a finger for it.
my problem i guess, but ..well again, for lack of work, im DISGUSTED!

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27th Jul, 2004 22:21 (UTC)
happens all the time
if only people made up their minds as quickly as they disown what they said.... well in a perfect world decisions would be pro active.. ppl would be smiling.. and i wouldnt be writing.. oh well..
it aint perfect surely..
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