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Assasinations and more

In the recess of my mind, somewhere, I had respect got a certain political leader - Benazir Bhutto - and not just because she was the first female Prime Minister of an Islamic Country. And neither because I followed the political story of Pakistan closely - because I dint.

But, because she lived in a highly political family since childhood and surpassed her brothers and others in the political race when it was one of the most competitive. Because she exploited the system well and had the world listening to her every move. Because she took revenge for the atrocities on her family through the way she knew best - people power. When she spoke (and wrote - and did she speak and write well!), the world listened.

Especially India.

Her coming back to Pakistan was important and threat enough for a dictatorian leader to try and reduce her popularity by a number of measures.

She may not be the best politician around, but she sure was one you could admire. After all, which politician is clean and correct?

She was also probably one of the last vestiges of the semi-British remnants, with class and authority personified in style and substance. It remains to be seen whether her children will follow her footsteps or whether they will be examples of Priyanka Gandhi.

Perhaps the importance of a politician is judged by the number of assassination attempts on them, and the degree of threat to an existing system judged by success of the attempt.

Does it show a mark of our times regarding our 'leaders' that so few assassination attempts are made nowadays?

Does it mean that our leaders are so secular that they satisfy all minor and major fundamentalist and non fundamentalist groups, or does it simply mean that they are easily satisfiable - or easily replaceable.

A strong leader cannot satisfy everyone, and a leader who does not satisfy everyone cannot live in peace - at least thats what my common sense says. In which case, the leader usually goes about assassinating people who speak against him/ her - and this has been true for time immemorial (Kings and Queens killing suspects in the court, anyone; and closer today - Putin) or else, the 'wronged' people go about trying to kill the leader (innumerable examples).
Security is never ever enough. It is just a weak defense which buys you seconds to get your act in place.
So why  is it that today we hear of Diplomacy and Peace, and possibilities of violence amongst common man, yet not a single serious threat to the most powerful people in the political arena today? Have the masses lost the spine? which according to me is quite unlikely at such large scale. Or have the politicians become pliable? The answer, to me at least, seems to leap out.
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