DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Perfect Day Beggining - to end a year

What better beginning to a day than a Radio channel which plays old old favorites all morning. Including songs which you had all but forgotten.

Couple that with an easy to read newspaper and a perfect cup of coffee. Followed by toast with butter, fried egg (oh! for a bit o bacon) and Irish coffee to top it all off.

While sending messages to all and sundry about the upcoming year. Afterall, this is the day to be BAD. before the new year and 'turning over a new leaf' starts. Sigh. Even if it is theoretical, still, sigh.

Oh Did I mention that having Irish coffee in the morning, before reaching office, in big gulps is the best way to be perky all day? Well, at least till afternoon. It makes one lyrical, verbose, perky (did i mention that already?), ...

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