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Life Goes by.. bye and bye.

How do you know years are passing by? When the following happen:

a) it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between different groups of friends (college, school, ex-work). They all seem to be there since time immemorial, and you get surprised when the ex-colleague doesn't recognise your school mate's name.
b) when you talk about school, you get a reminiscent gleam in your eyes and talk about "those days" and "innocence" and forget about the tests, the bullying by parents and not having any money.
c) 'Party' means a couple of chosen friends sitting together sipping a mild drink and chatting, with minimal music. Preferably atop a divan, reclining, not on chairs, and even less - on barstools.
d) When midnight strikes, you raise a half hearted, mocking 'cheers' to the year ahead - just like any other, while actually eyeing the cake or the food.
e) While writing the date, you pause at the year column and think about 'those days' when Science Fiction novels used to imagine a brave new world by the present date - and consider how nothing seems to have changed. Except (f) [Remember Matrix? 1984?]
f) you look at technology and reminisce about the days when a B&W TV was major and VCR was cutting edge
g) when 90% of your friends are married and discuss the benefits of not/ having a baby. And try to convince you to get married (while extolling its negatives)
h) when suddenly, world news and history mean something. and resolutions, nothing.
i) When sitting up through the night means a long day ahead, unlike "those days" when you could live on a cup of caffiene only

Yeah, you know the years passed by - but you also know that you are the same. You know a new year in time concept came and went, but life goes on, and will. You become older and wiser and a little more equipped to deal with the world - even if that thought will be revised a decade from now.

I know 2007 passed for me. I have moved to a new city, after much fanfare and awaiting. I turned 26, and some of my frnds got married while others went the "family way". Another year lost in the vestiges of memory, leaving behind experience, nostalgia and a sense of...? A year where i lost some frnds and regained them and some more. A year of comparative docility with respect to extra curriculars, yet a lot in 'curriculum'.

And so I enter 2008. And I no longer wonder what it will bring for me. I only say, whatever comes, may it be good.


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2nd Jan, 2008 11:26 (UTC)
Was that a “forward” or did you write it? (Ouch!! Don't beat me)

I was able to relate to it completely.

And you mentioned my name (even if others cant see it) – “some of my friends got married” :D

2nd Jan, 2008 11:28 (UTC)
yes you were the "ones that got married"
Glad you could relate to it. About the forward bit in your comment - well,
a) Forwards are usually pcs of well written stuff and ur crediting me with that
b) u think i did not write it cuz its decent - and i will ignore that!
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