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[LJ2ME] Blind Spot

It is very easy to forget what you yourself look like. Your own face is like your back. The part of the body that you know exists. The whole world can see it and you cant do anything about it. This has resulted in many people carrying mirrors and staring into every available shiny surface. But its not always possible to peer at yourself unlike at the face of surrounding people.
So we all resort to the easiest thing- modifying our faces as per people around us. If they are staring at your mouth after a meal you know you need to clean yourself.And so on.
Again, people around influence how you think you are. Surrounded by beautiful people you think you are too.Because, afterall, you cant really remember how flat your nose is after seeing every variety of acquiline and cute small and so on.You will start thinking your nose is another sweet variety of small. Which of course will be proven wrong the moment you face a mirror.

Is that what Johari meant in his famous Window?

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