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The Three Piglets that could not become Pigs

Its finally a little cool in Mumbai - seems like a cold wave has made its way to India - and I am unable to enjoy it. Serves me right I guess.

It has been a long time I wrote anything substantial here (a see a lot of heads nodding - B@$!@rd$ you all - cant even be happy with a few mini posts?!) but unfortunately, it seems like I have forgotten all that I planned to write in the morning - today, yesterday, day before...That is the reason one should not reach office standing or with both hands busy, but with a piece of paper and pen to jot down ideas.
However, even that does not help. There are many small posts that I had started off on sometime in the past and never finished thanks to some undue interruption or something.
Here are three such posts, which I think were worthy of being finished yet were not due to unforeseen, unforgiving circumstances.
Yes, that's all that's going to be here in this post - a few unfinished posts. I wonder if any of them should be spent time upon to finish.


Rajasthan is undoubtedly the tourist destination of India. But I can never imagine it to be the Paris of the world. It just cannot be. (Kerela counts? but then its the same story as Rajasthan)

Paris and .. lets say, Vegas - are all about structured beauty. Catering to the senses made to look at beautiful clean photographs, uncluttered and aseptic. Even the palaces of Germany are secluded, on clear horizons, large, and new.

Compare that to Rajasthan. Contrasts - camels, children, women, stalls. All in front of a 500 yr old wall of a fort. Dust billowing everywhere, coating everything, mingling with the dust formed from the stone of the fort. Not the calm serenity or structured beauty of Man made against nature. Not the option to make a man made architecture mingle with nature. Here everything is one with nature whether you want it to be or not.

India and Indians will never be clear cut, black or white; they will never be able to maintain rules and 'decorum'. They are inherently followers of entropy.

The concept of 'old world' merging with 'new world' is not understood by the common Indian person. To them, it is one and the same thing. Afterall, isn't the new borne out of the old? If there is no old, how can the new form?

To a person like this, scaffolding and cementing do not make sense. Why would you try to curb
<and I stopped here>


How many times is a person allowed to make mistake?
And how many times can someone rectify it and hope not to commit it again?

Throughout your adolescent and child life you are sent to school and asked to think. Not just laterally, figuratively and literally. but simply, use your brains.

Then we do what most of us are expected to do - join a job to use our information loaded through all those school and college days.

And the first thing we are asked to do is - unlearn thinking.

We are taught not to question systems, do as we are told, apply our minds within designated narrow boundaries, and spend 80-90% of our times not thinking. At all.
<I was leading towards being old and new in an organization and it all linking up - but got interrupted>


Sharper, colder air, dry weather, makes everything somehow more defined. More demarcated. More...sharp.
This can be seen in photographs of objects and events in the northern hemisphere. Lights are clearer, skies bluer. The dust, smoke etc. tends to settle faster. It seems.
I remember the mountains of Ladakh seemed so much clearer and closer than the Himalaya range in the eastern part of India - in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong...
Leh was truly 'clear'. You could stand on a hill top and look far and wide. The skies were always clear (it being a cold desert). The mountain sides were clear cut and the river looked bright amongst it all. You could see the flags of a Monastry far away, just as clearly. Photographs taken there are just crystal.

The same can be said of hot arid regions. Deserts always emerge beautiful on film. Well marked colours make deserts a photographers paradise. No shot seems to go wrong. Even the heat emerging in layers from the earth, into the atmosphere, the mist of heat, seems marked out for all to notice. Standing on a dune top you can see the unchanging landscape for miles and miles.

In equatorial regions, however, everything takes up a halo. A hazy glow around, as you look at object around you.
<I meant to write a lot more, but I forgot>


So, well, those were some of the 'snippet' posts.

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