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Marketing Economy

Is it surprising that the top 3 paying companies in the US are law firms? (Fortune)
Actually, apart from #4 spot, top 5 are law firms. they may not be the best places to work, but they sure do pay well. Secretaries included it seems.
Anyone hiring?

I like it that Adobe, Goldman Sachs, BCG, Cisco, Net Apps and some more make it to both the lists - best place to work as well as get paid.
However, all said and done, just how many of them continue the same pay structure or actually, work practices anywhere else apart from their main US offices?

Americans are very good at marketing. I have always noticed this. The smallest event and object can be framed and made in to the next wonder of the world if Americans can have it their way. The result is, we have seen the rise of the most popular culture in todays world. So we talk about their best companies and think thats it. I grant you, there are very few companies worth their while with head offices not in US, but there must be some companies out there in countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa?! (De Beers anyone?)
When we talk movies - we talk Oscars. Okay, so hollywood is one of the largest entertainers around - but they have marketed themselves so well that even international films want to win that award - so much so that Cannes has been seen as many as the inroad to hollywood. Not the French movies (France did start movies by the way, and make nice peices once in a while nowadays - different and arty) no japanese movies (Gold standard for horror and humanity) but Hollywood. Well I guess if you market yourself well enough, thats where the moolah lies.

The point is, at the moment the world is geared towards money. And who makes it better than Marketeers?

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30th Jan, 2008 14:03 (UTC)
I'd say they're past their prime..
Asia is on the rise now. Economically-for example 65% of IBM's record earnings in 2007 ($17 billion pre-tax profit,$96 billion total earnings) comes from the Asia-Pacific region-which accounts for a little over 20% of total employee strength. They've committed to investing around $4 billion over a 2 year period in India alone-while cutting back development in the US.

Similar story with other companies; at least in the tech sector. Add the current recession to the mix and see the results.
Culturally-we have Japan starting to dominate, with the explosion of popularity of manga/anime in the 90s, even influencing Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino's and the Watchout-skis' works both have hallmarks of anime-style complex story telling and fight sequences.
Indian cinema too, is upcoming (despite my own low opinion of commercial Bollywood cinema and the fact that most overseas viewers are NRI's).

What has Hollywood showed up in recent years, other than sequels to known hits? Marketing-sure, they're still good at it. But the cultural hegemony of the 80's and 90's is gone now, thanks to the Internet (ironically, which was popularized by the US themselves!!).

Anime series are released regularly via bit torrent on the net, with the blessing of the creators; they realize this only popularizes them more. Quite unlike the litigation happy MAFI-AA of the US.

Oh and I've even noticed a few singers like Nelly Fart-ado who've added a distinctly Bollywoodish beat to some of their songs.

So I'll say the 21st Century will belong to er...the East. ^^
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