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Bed Timings

There are two types of people in the world - early risers and late sleepers. Which of the two are you?

Early rising has its benefits. Apart from being good for health (propounded by those with good health it seems), its a spectacular time - cool, fresh, quiet, the image of the rising sun, absence of crowds etc etc. Of course, most of these benefits get washed away if everyone has the same idea (read: places like Calcutta and possibly other east coast locations). Its Joy! its Delight! Its Energetic! and... you can eat a Huge Breakfast - at leisure! It cant get better than that! (Orange juice, Eggs, bacon, sausage, coffee, toast, muffins - the works. Add a Alu Paratha with butter for good measure)
Getting up early, you can begin your day, you have 'extra' time on your hands to plan and take things easy. You can read the paper in leisure, work out (if you are prone to that malaise - early risers generally are), ruminate in the loo if you like it...and so on.
You, however, have to wake up early. I like the package. I wouldn't mind it on a daily basis.

The problem arises with the nights. They are so alluring. If only I could go to sleep early, would I wake up early - willingly, mind you! Now the nights may not have spectacular sunrises and alluring prospects of the day ahead with extra time in your hands to eat a vast breakfast, but it does have other things - starry nights, late night movies, empty roads open for drives, the satisfying contemplation of another day at work finished and done with. The ability of the senses to withstand onslaught of any darn music they please and any darned book they want to assimilate. The ability to call most people, of reviewing a day finished. Of communicating with people in other parts of the world unfortunate enough to be waking up and beginning a day which you just successfully ended. Of partying hard, with drinks, with the safe thought of uninterrupted sleep ahead till the day beckons.
Now, with so many thing to do on an average evening, why would one go to sleep early?

If you cannot go to sleep early, in my limited knowledge of the average human mechanism, it is difficult to wake up early - on a regular basis. Unless you are wacko or suffer from Insomnia.

Which would you rather watch over the horizon of the sea? Sunrise or Sunset? Well, considering the accompaniments of both, give me a Sunset any day...I am ready to wait till the Sunrise, only to flee indoors to my pillow and bed after that!

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5th Feb, 2008 17:36 (UTC)
Duh!.. i prefer to be the late worm who misses the bird, than the early one who gets eaten by it :D. As you know well enough by now, i can stay up till 7, but scream bloody murder if i have to wake by then :). I d much rather ride out into the sunset with a fair maiden, with the prospect of the entire evening and *blushing* night.. (whoever heard of heroes rescuing maidens at 5am?.. if she were anything like you, HE would need rescuing :p
to be fair though, sunrises are good as well, mostly because of the coffee. :D
6th Feb, 2008 05:39 (UTC)
Re: surprise!
Blushing indeed. Sash, blushing... yeah right.

Id like the coffee - and then a nice big bed to sleep. Very refreshing, thank you! :)
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