DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Updates from me

I have created a new update site (Dips is Me)- where I will (hopefully) be putting up interesting sites or pics on a regular basis. If you just keep that open, you will get to know anything I want to share with you. Makes it simple.
Infact, if you also make one and send me the link, I can "follow" you and see through stuff you consider worth remembering or sharing.

The parent site, of course, is www.tumblr.com (following the Flickr way of removing a vowel to the "e")

Beats mailing or chatting for a single link. Further to that of course, there can be extensive mailing and bashing of the content ;)

The page will automatically update if I add something new on my flickr page, but not about this journal - for some personal reasons. Hope I see more tumblrs'!

PS - also better than G Reader 'shared' contents methinks.

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