DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Bombay bus winters

I was about to dedicate two lines to the cold wave in India and consequently Bombay (Mumbai).However, sashdude has already done the honours. I will suffice by saying two things (its always "two things" worth listening to, not more - then it becomes boring):
a) This is the coldest and longest winter in the city in over 50 yrs, colder than Delhi on a certain day, but def not on an average scale
b) Very few ppl here own woollens, and are in no eagerness to invest either. Result, evening cold winds will see shivering lots gazing at you, covered up with woollens left from stay in cities which have winters.

But however cold (or not), its a nice season, pleasant by day and cool by night. I definitely don't look forward to the summers and the senseless monsoons here.

As an observation - standing travellers in Mumbai oops Bombay (was it vice versa?) Bus Service seem to be blissfully unaware about their co-passengers who sit. They hold on to the rails as if their lives depended on it - actually, as if gravity depended on it. they clutch using not only with their hands, but also the length of their abundant bodies. The conductors carry their metal ticket holders with gay abandon - they know the passengers sitting on aisle seats will act as speed breakers to the sway of their heavy tin boxes. The standing passengers know the sitting ones are at an advantage and will make way for their ample butts swelling around the poles in the bus. They also know that when they want to, they can stand with their backs to the windows (ergo the sitting people) and show off their huge bottoms to those sitting. Afterall, farting is controllable. The heights of the seat is such that sitting is quite comfortable. But also, sitting means your face is pelvic-level with the standing people. When someone is facing you, its not noticeable - not at all. No sir-y. But when stands with their back to you...well, you can only hope and pray that their bowel movements are regular and you dont have to look up or away from the window. The biggest problem is - you cannot talk to them - the bus is too noisy for you to call out and say "hey! move on! your butt is in my face!" neither can you shout out to the leaning on the pole ones. The only thing you do in such situations when possible is touching the person on the shoulder and ask them to move. however, when the only accessible portion of their body is their butt - well, tempting though it might be, morals can stop you from tapping (or is the word patting?) someone on the bus to make them shift their stance. Especially when the person is unknown, and in all probability, sure to revert to his old position in a few minutes.

Every bus should have a Code of Conduct pinned near the entrance door - and non-compliance can be punishable just like the other Bus-route offences.

PS - I wonder how many of you have heard "not eating sweets because I have a cold" before now? Apparently sugar can cause your cold to aggravate. Don't ask me. I heard it from a cold sufferer.


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