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[LJ2ME] Book world

How many times have you emerged from the world of the book wor are living in to act and talk like your characters for a minute thereafter?
Often i say for myself. For putting down a good book is not the end of the book. It lingers in your mind as you go about your activities in rote after you put it down, obligatorily (for apart from being interrupted why else would you put a good book down?), you find your mind lost in transition between reality of your real life and that of the people you involved yourself with within the pages now closed. Seconds before you emerge from the self created dream and drag yourself, bemused to reality and mundanity!

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12th Feb, 2008 17:51 (UTC)
So which character did u act out?
Door or Hunter? :D
13th Feb, 2008 05:47 (UTC)
Re: So which character did u act out?
Neither actually - they cant be impersonated (like foul ole ron or other such characters) - very normal brit types.
I was actually reading a book based on 1756 - and well, my way of talking modified.
these are more different - very stoccatto, including the slight modifications in the way sentences are made.
13th Feb, 2008 01:03 (UTC)
I do it all the time. It's the worst after I've read anything by Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, or anyone else from the turn of the century. My speech and writing can be very strongly affected. In fact, it's an unconscious habit of mine to do this with people's accents too. I'm usually good at suppressing it, but lock me in a room with someone who speaks in a southern american drawl, and sooner or later our speech will be indistinguishable.
13th Feb, 2008 05:43 (UTC)
Yup. The older centuries, the more pronounced my affection. With me though, its the Brit accent that does it.
13th Feb, 2008 13:07 (UTC)
..me about it!! worst is when not only i try to act like someone in the book, but also start seeing outward world as an impersonation of something in the book. Tell you its spooky! something like u see in movies dealing with schitzophrenia!
I think thats what you meant with good books? Where in author puts you in hypnosis and u are on the journey he/she takes you on along with the story and you are spell bound :)

he he ! guess who?
14th Feb, 2008 05:36 (UTC)
Re: Tell..
well, I-know-who.
Yes, something like what you mentioned.
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