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Of Lions, Cats and Leopards

The question when posed, is more than often about the choice between being the 'Head of Cat or a Tail of a Lion'. Though undeniably true and indisputable in its truth of opposites and extremes, of putting things in clear perspective, it is, all said and done, a lavish phrase, binary at that. Opulent, and leaving the average common man nowhere.

For the average common man would end up being neither the cat nor the lion, but very much the leopards, panthers and tigers, and their vital organs like heart and liver and kidney and even fur.

It is the same in all aspects of life. An example close to me (and many who read this blog), is that of jobs. Very often it is most practical and learning to be a middle rung executive in a middle rung company than in a missable executive mega MNC or the head in a small one. As a small executive you can observe, you can learn the ropes and methods - but one forgets as to how little one can observe. The larger picture is hidden away behind meeting doors and presentation made by you may just be a wave in the giant beach of events. The tail cannot see what the head does.
As a senior executive in a small firm, you are the eyes, the nose, the mouth - the face. You see and observe and react. You are in charge, and the King. But then, it is to be remembered that what you see and observe and how you react is small. It is unlikely that when you go to the headless lion it will consider you. The lion is bigger and cannot afford to have the head of a cat - the cat will leap away in fright where the lion would roar to frighten.

What then is the choice? To be the heart of a panther gives you the advantage of knowing a big beast and how its heart beats - how the choices effect the large animal, how the running strains the breath. The liver of a leopard will know what can be eaten and what must be thrown. The middle rung executive has the knowledge of why the heads are behind closed doors and also what they do after emerging from there. Standing at a convenient crossroad he can continue to be where he is, probably move on to become the Atlas, or, it cannot be denied, the Coccyx of the panther, cat or lion, as he desires and reaps. Or. with his knowledge of panthers and leopards and tigers, be the apt one to be any part of the lion or cat he wants and deems fit.
The common man needs to be a middle rung executive in a middle rung company. To know what is lacking and what is good. To know what is needed and how to react when things go wrong. To act like a lion when the matter is regarding its core competency and to step warily like a cat when it is all about a new unknown area. It is only then does the middle rung manager can make up his mind about where he wants to go.

Only then that anyone does, in any instance. The painter to know whether he likes Modern Art or Renaissance. Another one creating the leading choice of patrons, or a revolutionary new trend.

Everyone has a passing phase to make a choice, which, for once is not bipolar. Its tripartite - to lead, to be a small part of a bigger picture, or to stay where you are.
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