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[LJ2ME] Time, place, events and Memory

Layers and layers of memories appear on the fringe of my mind like a sheaf of papers on the edge of a desk- to be fluttered away by wind. Sultry summer-oncoming night. Cool wind from outside, warm yet comfortable room and fan brings back similar nights music, copies, people.. All so close yet so fragile. Picking the topmost memory displaces the older ones and i want to be in all those places alone and with others all at once. Not here, not where i remember them all and savour the languidity and pleasantness of older times. Emphasizing today for me now. So i keep ruffling the sheaf picking out details carefully, moving back in time..to a few yrs ago, college time, childhood till no memory remains to draw out heart strings, and adding another for future february ends in India.
Tags: interesting, living, observing

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