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Who can tell

Is it all a matter of luck.
Now i know many of my freinds who have got married, and around me I see married, unmarried, and married-before-my-eyes people.
Some are happy, some unhappy, some changed beyond recognition, some for better, some for worse.

I meet people who were so confident of their love for each other, and couldnt wait for that very ceremony to take place, only to live a life bereft of love and enjoyment. Nobody can say where that love turned sour.

Then there are people who seem to have nothing which one can love,they have long lasting loving marriages, arranged by their parents. Marriages full of love, enjoyment and companionship.

There are people who become mirrors of their spouses and loose close freinds,and dont know why. They loose themselves, and know somewhere that something is wrong, but dont know what, or where. unasked, they give everything, and later repent the loss of something, they dont know what.

Then there are those classic examples. People who are intolerable. Someone you cant stand beside, transformed into, not the perfect human, but something that resemble the majority of humanity.

What effects these changes? what causes them? when does one transform? Who keeps account? nobody knows, or even, check. it is only sometimes that it strikes you. Like today, when I met a happily married man (with a very intelligent wife, whom he openly adores and would do anything for) celebrating his 5th wedding anniversary with a Puja in the morning, proud and content... seeing them individually one would say either she or he would be discontent...but together - well...they just...fit!

PS - Of course, there are classic examples of wonderful everlasting fairy-tale love marriages, and the classic saas-bahu arrangedmarriages. But im not counting those. they are stereotypes, and nowadays, more rare than common (in my world)

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