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Memorable Day

Today is a day I would like to remember. A claim of around Rs 20,000 (~US$500) has finally been processed and deposited to my account.

Details are as follows:
Date of claim - 13th March 2007
Reason - Relocation to Mumbai and the company
Today is 4th March, 2008.

I guess I should hand credit where it is due - the claim got processed in less than a year in a public limited efficient modern company. After red tape, innumerable STD phone calls, duplicate copies, duplicate original copies, daily follow ups and what-not.

Proves why one should be shameless when it comes to ones money. Am not letting got of even Rs 50 that company owes me henceforth. No one repaid me the interest on this amount, or for the mental anguish suffered. In certain countries Im sure I could have sued them, but this is India. Laws hold no sway, its people against people and only two powers are recognised - God and Human Resources.

I am simply happy to know the amount rests in my account and I wont have to battle for it when I would quit the company.

Money Talks.
It may not sing or dance,
Who cares whether it walks!
As long as I have it here with me,
I'd much rather be in my designer blue jeans!

(Sorry Neil D!)
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