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[LJ2ME] The Sea

The beauty of the sea lies in one basic simple fact- it is wet. There are some more- like its wet sandy beaches, its unpredictable waves, salty water drops..
Thus successfully eliminating all possibility of electricity. Of recharging cell phones, cameras (to an extent) of in fact almost any modern appliance. You cannot sit on a beach while trying to be in touch with your city life- unless you have very expensive stuff on ur hand, equipped to deal with salty water.
The sea dictates- Give me your full attention or stay a respectable distance away.
Which needless to say i am maintaining.

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24th Mar, 2008 06:27 (UTC)
Sea Barrier!
:) nice thought! Sea tells u to decide where u want to be. it can be either Sea, or land. Dolphins decided they wanted Sea and Apes decided land. Dolphins developed Sonar system of communication while apes went ahead and got themselves nifty li'l cell phones with cameras incide them to click dolphins :)
(who has forgotten his LJ passowrd :( )
26th Mar, 2008 07:14 (UTC)
Re: Sea Barrier!
Lol. Though I could contest that Ape bit and choices. Would like to be a sonar equipped Dolphin though :D
24th Mar, 2008 09:41 (UTC)
is that the eye of Sauron in your userpic ? (if so, what are the black cuts ?)
26th Mar, 2008 07:12 (UTC)
Its the Original eye of Sauron, if you want to call it that. its a ring of debris around a star (Fomalhaut). See here (http://filer.case.edu/sjr16/advanced/archive_curevnt_2005.html)

Been thinking of changing it for quite some time now. Just too lazy I guess
26th Mar, 2008 07:28 (UTC)
cool. I was looking at the picture when my 4 yr old enquired "Is that a birthday cake?". You should keep it.
27th Mar, 2008 08:26 (UTC)
I like birthday cake reference. Red icing should be exciting? (http://inventorspot.com/articles/cannibal_banquet_pushes_limits_d_6619)
Though in the form of Fomalhaut I wouldnt mind!
5th Apr, 2008 03:24 (UTC)
Some beaches have Wi-Fi :-P
7th Apr, 2008 07:24 (UTC)
interesting, but
Yeah, but you wont exactly step into the sea with your laptop. You will still sit somewhere far.
Plus, it seems like the kind of beach where the beach is more important than the water - what with the 'cold temperatures'
7th Apr, 2008 09:02 (UTC)
Re: interesting, but
Yeah, that beach sucks. It is one of the "you can look but you can't touch" variety. Besides, I wasn't serious about actually bringing a laptop there :)
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