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Old readers of this page must have come across my many posts on the Pink Shirt phenomenon. Pink has seen a definite entry into men's wardrobe in India (Aerosmith may have sung it a long time ago, but 'pink' came to India only a few years ago). There was a time men wore black. No matter what. Occasional Red was of course granted, and White was de rigour. Blue was the epitome of manliness behind the other two basic colours.
But Pink was definitely a "girls" colour. A girl had to do nothing more than wear the famous "Baby Pink" to be called Girly and nice. After babies only women - read girls of age (usually) upto 30 - had the right the pizazz the carry off a light pink, the colour of musky roses in the 20th century.
Then came the Macho Pink. Its still the same hue, but has a different personality.
Suddenly baby pink is not for only babies any more. Mothers to be do not worry "what if" when they colour the walls of their nurseries. Now, Pink walls behove young boys as much as they do young girls. In fact now it takes more guts for a girl to wear pink than a boy. (Girls would rather be sexy red than girlish pink. Move over, Dee dee).
Todays Indian Male has at least one pink shirt. From the youngest boy who is the apple of his mothers eye, to the young teenager who would do anything look like his favourite Hritik or ShahRukh or whoever (apparently girls love it) to the office wear in pink, every male in the country who can afford it, seems to have gone in for a pink shirt. To the extent that when I went vegetable shopping to the market near my house I saw two trios of 80+ yr old Uncles taking a walk, with at least 2 of them in each trio wearing a pink shirt. Solid, baby pink. No doubt gifted by their doting daughters (in law?) and though met with initial resistance (if my grandfather is anything to go by) finally conceded to.

The colour pink seems to have revamped itself, and percolated to every possible level. But men seem to be starved of colours and designs, taking Pink to their bosoms (pun intended) with too much relish. Hey! I dont mind a colour palette, neither do I believe in His n Hers (exclusive) colours. But I do take some umbrage at having everyone parade around in the same shade, which I never liked to start with. And when all I can see is Pink, a fluffy baby Pink which would make even Miss Marple blush, I start to wonder. When will Black be back?

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