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Brand Recall

This was a very interesting site I reached. Though there are no answers on it - only questions on which people have commented with answers, its an interesting set of questions, but wholly irrelevant to Indians.
Also, come to think of it, kind of irrelevant in most cases. So I tried to come up with some Indian ones for us.

If this brand was out of business, would you be sad? Would you care? Would it effect your way of life?

On an all-India level (note: foreign brands not included):
1. Reliance Power/ Mobile/ other stuff (not R retail)
2. Bajaj electricals/ autorickshaws/ scooters (not bikes)
3. Tata Salt (not the enterprise and other branches)
4. Hajmola
5. Medimix soaps
6. SHIP matches
7. Dabur Shikakai soap
8. Roohafza
9. Maruti
10. Liberty footwear
11. Luxor (pens)
12. Vicco (cream, bajradanti, anything as long as its Vicco)
13. B-Tex cream
14. Odomos
15. Tortoise mosquito repellent coils

Now since I am writing this, and that too kind of spur of the moment, its a little prejudiced (by my memory). Those are mostly brands/ names that I am 100% sure readers of this blog have'nt used in the past few yrs (except a few names), but the question remains, some people do. Would you care if these companies closed down? If one day you did not see a Vicco Turmeric ad in an old theater or see Ship Matchboxes at the paanwalla, would you feel bad?

I would, about some of them - definitely Hajmola for one!
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