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People, Culture or Fashion?

When I found this blog from a Times article, I really didn't expect to like it. I mean, OK, maybe a couple of good photographs a week or so. But then, I opened it, and who would think this guy is picking up random people on the road?
What really intrigues me was a comment on a "boy on a bicycle" and "woman in long dress" in Delhi in the article - and I had to search them out and see what was so noteworthy regarding them that they got a mention rather then the street fashion of NY or Milan or Paris...or Italy.
So you can see this page. And on seeing the pictures I knew it had to be Delhi. Not Bombay. Not Calcutta, Not Chennai. Not Bangalore. I dont know why, but it would work in Delhi more than Mumbai. Maybe its because the Posh areas in New Delhi are Posh. Maybe because people in Delhi are more fashion concious, and care about what they wear - so much so its part of their lives - intrinsic. Maybe because they have the time and do'nt have to battle it out in public transport. These are snaps of GK and Vasant Vihar and CP and the likes. Nowhere else.
Whatever it is, I can expect half of the international feel of New Delhi (in dressing) in South Mumbai (the only part of Mumbai really worth being the 'international Mumbai'. Maybe in some parts of Calcutta I can expect something akin to one of the older European cities, and something of the open spaces, sea and religious culture of Chennai will make it stand out. But these photographs taken can only be Delhi, and not just Delhi, New Delhi. The casual yet stylish sense in dressing is a direct reflection of the oft made-fun-of "har din diwali' (every day is a festival) dressing concept of Delhi people. In Delhi, if you do not dress well (whatever your def of that may be), there is something wrong with you.

PS - of course, to find some people like this would take a special 'eye' but if at all, you do find, then my post above stands true

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8th Apr, 2008 08:04 (UTC)
Sigh...the nostalgia!!
I'm more or less accustomed to Bangalore now..but Delhi remains Delhi, for one who's bred and buttered there :)
To echo the words of Ghalib-
कौन जाए गालिब दिलली की गलियाँ छॊड़कर?

Ah well.
8th Apr, 2008 08:12 (UTC)
Re: Sigh...the nostalgia!!
He He. Yup. That city has a charm of its own. Unfortunately much underrated in India - primarily thanks to media (all Bbay based), and media susceptible people. Its ills are not as ill as they are made out to be.
I havent spent a lifetime there, but substantial enough to be smitten by its positives ^^
10th Apr, 2008 04:35 (UTC)
I am curious now, as to how street fashion in the rest of the metros compares with delhi first and then say NY. I think, if one chooses the same demographic of say teens to early twenties, one might come across a similar sample of fashion on the street, in terms of components(capris,jeans,tees,cargoes,skirts,dresses), but the next demographic with the larger savings and expenditure would be fascinating..hmmm.. i doubt if i can be inspired enough to go out on the street and start clicking at random people...but its a thought. :D..
21st Apr, 2008 12:31 (UTC)
Re: yes
Go on, then! A nice camera to buy is all you need - and either erratic or immaculate clothing.
Go shoot all the 'unnatural' and 'Eye-Defying' clothes you see around you. Am sure you will get lots of 'colours' along with Jasmine flowers around you ^_^
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