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Conversations and middle seats

A large part of this post is basically about developing the 'mood' for the scene. Hope you appreciate the dialogue at tend.


So when Im flying back I am unable to check in by web or phone, and therefore get the worst possible seats on the counter check-in - the Middle Seat.
I board the flight and soon the window seat person arrives - a young man. He doesn't get much chance to say or do anything since while getting up I misjudged the height and bumped my head. But I can see palpable excitement in his demeanor after he sits down and studiously glances outside the window while passing surreptitious glances in my direction when possible.

Soon after, the guy on my right arrived. Another young man, pale and slightly pimply. He gives a definite suppressed smile as he puts his bag in the overhead counters. But the moment he sits down opens the newspaper and stares at the Su-Doku/ Crossword there.

As for me, I am just relieved by the strangers. Last time the same thing happened to me, I was stranded between a middle aged man and an ex-colleague whose name I did not remember. And who went on to enquire endlessly on my work and talk about his. Not to mention talk about his 'frequent client paid air travels' while showing surprise and ignorance at the usual air routines. I had finally shut him up by answering him very rudely in a high volume and then firmly plugging in my earphones and closing eyes. Since then I saw him once on the road in Bombay - I was in a car, he was on the pavement. I hope thats that. Oh! He also talked about his family and was disappointed im still single and sans kid.

So I lean back and think when in the coming two+ hours any of these guys will talk to me. Sometimes they talk, most times they dont - the Indian male bashfulness helps. Plus, I had already read the in-flight magazine and forgotten to carry a book or music player. Lady Sleep would have to help me.

The flight however, was delayed by a quarter of an hour thanks to some protocol or so, and we kept taxiing for a long time. I was bored to the core, and sitting with my chin in my hands, staring ahead and sometimes out of the sliver of window that Pimple-scarred, Excited guy (P-s E guy) next to me left open for viewing.
Then I heard a "So!" I look at P-s E guy (who is also oily I note) and see a large brilliant flash of white - a la Happydent White. (Lest I forget, it was also accompanied by an enthusiastic raising and dropping of arms on knees. With some force.)
Oh. And its a direct flight to Bombay from Calcutta.

P-s E: So! *Smile* (Very excited and slightly fidgety)
Me: *Sitting with disgusted expression* turns head towards him slightly
P-s E: So, you are going to Bombay?
*split second pause as I just stare at him*
Me: Raise eyebrows
P-s E: hah! eh! well! this flight is going to Bombay! Everyone on this flight is going to Bombay. Heh. Stupid Question eh. he he. *Looks embarrassed and nervously seeks window and looks back*
Me: Imperceptibly nod, remove chin from hand, concentrate gaze at the seat in front.

Guy on my right: Promptly folds newspaper and goes off to sleep. Does not get up even after plane lands.
Me: Peaceful flight, though including further delay at Bombay >.<

Lesson: If you want to initiate conversation with single girl on seat next to you, say something more interesting than the common destination.Especially if you are so obviously enthusiastic about starting conversation. She will not take pity and help out an uninteresting stranger make idle chit chat with you.

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22nd Apr, 2008 07:16 (UTC)
rofl..let me paint a picture of whats going thru the guys head..
walks into the plane looking for his seat..
iz hoping that its next to a nice girl and a window in that order..
oh yess..theres a hot girl here..
should i say hi yet.. nah..let me wait..
what could i say.. thoughts running through his head... (planes fly high, sparrows too, fares are expensive, i like blue, theres a squirrel outside..wait focus..
yes we are going to mumbai..
Umm are you going to mumbai?
You:arent we all?
should have kept trap shut..bah.. gah! meh!
22nd Apr, 2008 08:11 (UTC)
Re: :D
"I like blue"? HE HE. Nice thinking of his thoughts.
Only no squirrels on that airport - could have been a ... mongoose?!

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