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It has struck me that today is 'Pink' day on my office floor. Today I got back this particular salwar suit of mine (that my mom had dumped on me some time ago) from the washer...a light, nice summery pink kurta with outlines for .5inch boxes on it made with white thread. (too descriptive?)

I notice this darkish Andhraite GM on my floor dressed in a pink shirt with small white (1sqmm) self-rhombuses on it (in white)...he looked ridiculous to me...because even though i can guarantee the shirt is from one of the creme de la creme showrooms, baby pink on a dark thin man of 35+ looks.....

Then I notice the manager sitting at the next table. He is another dark Andhraite, in a pink shirt. this is a less striking, very light pink, which does not come to notice at all, especialy since he is wearing a v nice mauve tie...well dressed, but definitely pink. (On any other day iwould not have noticed it at all).

The MD comes to our floor for a meeting and sits in the glass conference room with the afore-mentioned GM. I notice he too is wearing a shade of pink, albeit, a nice composed striped shirt.

There is another girl on the floor, wearing an orangey-pink, can you add that also?

And then i notice my speakers playing - yes- nothing other than 'Pink' by Aerosmith.

Everyone in their Pinkest you must say. (to modify what PG Wodehouse might have said)

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