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I was thinking - this is a lovely time of the year for fruits. All the wonderful fruits make their debut and are here to stay for the entire summers. Apples are perennial now anyway, but the season begins with strawberries and fresh figs, with grapes thrown in for good measure. Not to mention pears and of course, Oranges and sweet limes. Corn, gooseberries etc etc.just act as appetisers.

The other day I went to the market and could barely contain myself - everywhere I looked there were delicious fruits, in their prime.
Grapes - black and green, soft pears, Watermelons in all sizes and varieties - green outside and pink and cool inside, Muskmelons - the orange and the white ones - sending their tantalising aromas all around, Chikus, Jamun - gleaming black and deliciously ripe, Pineapples, ripe Jackfruit - pungent odours yet crunchily soft, the white Jamrul's (as well call 'em in Bengal)or star apple - crispy crunchy reservoirs of water, the small delightful bananas, scented varieties of lemon, Amra, wood apple, elephant apple, Indian olive, sweet sweet coconut water, and of course the wonderful uncountable varieties of the King of fruits - Mango!

Eat them raw, temper them with salt or sugar, pulp them, drink their juices, make milkshakes, store them in any form you want. Just revel in them. Even fruits like Papaya seem tastier and sweeter. Cool naturally, summers mean inexhaustible fruit eating! Yum!
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