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The Tale of the Town of St. Dips

St Dips
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St Dips
There was once known a town for its peace
Named after a Saint, a Guru from the East
St Dips, the people called her oft
And named it the Town of St Dips

There ruled in it a Baron grim
Strong, heartless widower prim
His son it was who envied him
Wanted the town for his own writ

The Baron's house was the envy of town
With patches of grass and horses around
And secret pathways one or two
To keep the mysteries within it too

The son who was a handsome lad
Spent many an evening alone alas!
He wondered what his fate would be
When would the Baron be feeble? thought he.

When will I rule this township eh?
When I am old and bent and Grey?
Thus wondering on the roof stayed he
Looking around to live his helpless dream

There was a lady of strong might
And strong emotions and cunning slight
She was a traveller, a foe, a friend
She robbed the rich and bought her jewels

She saw the son at the Lake of St Dips
And could not but note his riches on his rings
And so the Tryst at lakeside was born
The Lady met the Son oft there, after sundown.

Sweet Lady of Lake, help me said he
My Father is strong, he will reign till death
We will be under his thumb till late
When then will we ever be free?

Worry not, my Lord, for I have a plan
I am also a plunderer, a helping hand
To your castle, the beauty, shall I come
Rob you, your father and then we shall scram

Where too? said the son
Feeble in mind
To leave St Dips was not in his might

Worry not said the lady,
Come I will
To rob, to look or to stay within

And so it was that on the following night
As Son stood on the roof in his castle now bright
He heard a scratching, nay knocking below
He looked down to see the lady below
And whispered, Hey! That's my Father's Window!

Lady Bandit! thou hast come for me!
Exclaimed the Son with ecstacy
But nay! I shall stay here in St Dips
Its my life, my love, it is the town for me.

Hush my Lord, stay here we will
For the seamstress here makes the most wondrous veil
Your father is strong but I like your house.
Enough of Jewellery plundered on horse!

So she said and vanished from sight
Telling the son to wait till next night.

The son went down thinking in glee
The lady is good, the lady is bold
The lady is hot
And wore a black catsuit!

Meanwhile the alarm bells were rung
Someone saw a stranger on the roof
They thought it was the pantry boy
Mingling with bandits and whatnot thereof

They could not shoot that poor soul
But by mistake ran a spear through the cook

Now the Baron was hungry
He liked his truffles for sure
He missed his cook
And knew not where to look.

When one day on his rounds about town
From his horseback he saw a maiden sweet
Laying on the road
In a simple white chemise

Canst thou cook Truffles, my sweet?
She nodded at the prospect of food it seemed
He brought her home
And she became the Chef soon

But little did the Baron know
She was a Bandit, a rogue, through and through.
And though she robbed not the Treasury vast
She did conquer the Sons heart.

And one day when the truffles were ripe
The Baron sat to relish them with might
Yet after that meal he ate no more
For what do you know?
He had died of a stroke!

The son held a funeral great
Yet soon after, he got wed
The blushing bride revealed to be
The Bandit, the Cook, the poisoner sweet.

Of one thing the new Baron ensured
His wife never did cook anymore!

And thus the town of Merry St. Dips
Lived on, in Peace, with its Bandits!


The town design was made using City Creator, a fun site. On sharing with Sash he wanted to know who it was on the roof of the biggest building. Enough for fertile minds, we started a story, which before I knew it I made into a rhyme, and thence, a Ballad. So I shared it.
Hope you visit Peaceful St Dips soon! ^_^
Tags: amusing, cities, crazy, interesting, memory, poem, st dips

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