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The Bread, Butter and Honey makers

A company exists to make money. That is a universal truth. How it makes money depends upon the company. However, on an average, a company in a sector would try to differentiate its earnings into standard and variable (to use the costing structure). Or, in better words, into plain bread and butter and into those which include a layer of honey on top of that - basic and plain or a delicious luxury.

Bread and butter earnings are daily wages - they need to be earned regularly and consistently. These earnings are usually not stupendous, or do not bring much glory. They let the company exist. To make the company do better, more nutrition is needed - the honey on top. So the company employs the honey collectors. This is more sporadic - you dont get honey all the time from all trees and bees. You need to hunt for hives, big juicy ones, brave the bees and fetch the honey. But when the honey comes, it makes the bread and butter - tasty - to put it mildly.

However, there is no point of honey without bread and butter. And thus, the bakery making the bread and the dairy making the butter becomes of supreme order. Their's is a daily toil to feed the masses 'their daily bread and butter'. Without them, there is no company. The honey farmers on the other hand may not be occupied for a long time, but one haul can bring honey enough to last a week if not a month - time enough to plan the next farming escapade. They are the icing on the cake, the personal touch by a dresser and the brand that differentiates the company from other.

Honey farmers cannot work part-time in a bakery. And the man from the dairy cannot be expected to go farm honey on his free day. Which is more important is dependent on how dire the company's needs are. For the starving lot plain bread may be more than enough and those a little better off will want their butter. But once the company starts doing better for itself and the bread and butter is a regular phenomenon they start off wanting honey, and employ some farmers.

During hard times luxuries have to be restrained and the honey farmers can join the bakery and help in distributing bread, or the dairy and churn the cream. But to expect them to go shake up a bee hive while in the process is expecting a lot. The latter would need a lot of preparation which the former may not allow. Not simultaneously anyway. Everyone cannot be Superman. Not everyday.

It remains up to the company to decide whether to let its people do what they do best - make butter or get honey, or put them all in the bakery and expect more bread (perhaps out of the same quantity of wheat). But it also depends on the company whether it wants the honey farmers to stay or change their profession - not both, at once.

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