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Exciting times

Awesome sky today. Blue blue sky, small puffs of clouds all over - light grey on top and grey at bottom - kind of like smoke from the engine of a story book train. Makes all the high rises look like factory chimneys :)

On another note, kicking and screaming I have been led to the purchase of a new handset. But I am delighted with it. A nice PDA, with WinMobile 6, and touch screen. So what its camera resolution is lower than N series? In smartphones Nokia rocks, but me iz happy with new type of phone - a pda.

In the limited time Im getting between office and shooting classes (last class today) and waking up in morning, since yesterday night, I have tried to see as much as I can of the phone. Its exciting to have a whole new platform to find out about and learn.

The symbian system is great for phones, but the winmobile packs in many more utilities. I think the basic difference lies in the fact that symbian is customised to mobile use. It seems to be made as per what a mobile user might want, making such requirements convenient, and thereafter evolving towards a computer system. Thus, creating a sms is simple, and so is sorting them as is selecting the home screen, the look of the clock, scrolling through photographs, etc. On the other hand, the Win Mobile starts from a computer and ends up in a mobile. There are basic computer functions which are great, but takes a little evolution to adapt to a mobile interface. But it feels right at home - being an extension of your home PC, and you knowing all the right softwares and modifications.

In the long run I think Symbian will be the best for a mobile - collecting as much information that a mobile user would want on a hand held computer/phone, while retaining the simplicity of use essential for someone using a hand-held tiny device. On the other hand, till that happens, a Win Mobile packs a lot more punch with respect to flexibility, applications (available and downloadable) - as long as you are on a touch screen (I think it will be a lil complicated on a non touch screen mobile).

I am missing some basic features of my Nokia N72, but within 2 days Im already at home on this, and typing messages fast enough on the stylus based screen. My final review? Iz awesome to have something so new on the primary level. Every "tap" is an adventure. As for the phone? Its the coolest thing ever, and now Im almost loath to take it out in public cuz of questions and curiosity regarding that slick piece. ^_~

Now to get down to removing that virus from comp, installing the PC suite, getting music and software on phone, setting up email, ... long list of activities!
Oh, and getting a membership of the air rifle club here. ^^ Cant wait to leave office!

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