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Searching for beauty n brains in search

For long there is this dispute that Apple products are pretty, but, well, others are just more practical.
I dont know how most men say this, especially when they would do anything for a girl who is pretty and pretty much terribly negative at everything else, AND acts like these men dont exist. Apple products may not have all it takes in the first go, but they get there, and they are rather purrrrrty...and seem to be made with care. Kind of stuff you expect to see in future if sci-fi films are to be believed. however, considering present trends, future will have Dell and HCL with an occassional Sony rulling the roost. Technogically advanced, but not the smooth art n craft of apple (Iron Man gadgets over 5th Element ones)

Talking of which, this new search engine Search Me is fun. When you need to search and then use something like Cool Iris (Firefox) or Browster (IE) for a preview, Search me is a nice place to go. It may be flash based, but is rather useful to get to know the site you are entering. It lacks what Google has a monopoly on - easy to load, fast site which gives good results. But it does make clicking on many sites to reach the right one a game of higher probability. you can even select the type of stuff you are searching for - music, business, stocks... yup! Nice. I like the way search is innovating ^_^ (Also lookup Flowww for news results - dint like it that much, but decent)

For example, the new image search - TinEye. It uses an existing image to come up with new ones matching it. Not very useful, but a step towards better image searching - uses pixels to get info I guess?

Now what I would like is a well refined music search which lets you hum out a tune and using the waves sequence (in treble or bass, as you choose for vocals or drums respectively) finds similar songs on the net and present you with the song/ choice of songs. When we already have stuff like Last.Fm where you get "similar music", and bose systems which play similar mood music, why not a search site? Cant be too expensive considering possible earnings!

Also, maybe an image search where you say there is shadow on right, statue in center, hand raised, USA and come out with images for Statue of Liberty. (Even better if you can put disjointed image silhouettes on a blank screen and ask for a search). That would be most useful to get what you want when you know it. Otherwise, word based image search as exists today may have to do.

A lot has been and is being done on word media searches - granted, the most popular. But intuitive media is the next closest. Words are only substitutes for what we want to show/ hear. Considering the net is full of both of above, the search for them should be improving - without the need to write about it.

PS - if sites like above already exist and are doing well without basic hitches, Ill be glad to know! In case not, I can has copyright pls? I will guide the tech developers ;)

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27th May, 2008 10:47 (UTC)
thank you
for your contribution to my slide on innovation for next week's seminar. I will surely steal all those ideas and put them in my ppt. :D :). j/k.
I like the idea of humming a tune for a search, though as i just told u, the noise is issue, and so is presence/usage of mike.
There exist tag based image search like the one u mentioned about the statue. i will put up the link in a while..
27th May, 2008 10:54 (UTC)
Re: thank you
And like I mentioned, noise will have to be filtered! Thats basic. And if you want music search, get a mike - its not that exp or tough! you just need the rought tune afterall. Not one single answer for a search! You hum a basic bar, and the search comes up with songs in its repertoire which contain that - you may specify whether its beginning or ending of song. Or middle.

And tag features are common - its again basing search on text. I meant pixel based, image based search. That makes sense. Tough, I know, but thats where the future shuld lie. Dont you want to search soemthing which is exactly what you have in mind? Marketing ppl will love it, and pay for it!
27th May, 2008 11:04 (UTC)
Re: thank you
Aha!.. i think thats quite do able, and given multimedia convergence, mikes are ubiquitous. It will be awesome especially for lyrics search.
And if we have search capabilities and image recognition like the one you mentioned, good bye terrorists, bad guys!, all your base are belongs to us. :)
27th May, 2008 12:56 (UTC)
u got it wrong about Apple..
..it's not that they're impractical. Yup, they're extremely easy to use compared to other things-but the trade off is that you pay a hefty premium, and lose out on interoperability. Critics of Apple, such as myself, value these two features more than a pretty interface.
And with the female analogy..well-it's like having a pretty, high maintenance girl who will totally ignore your friends and family :P (assuming you're close to them to start with)
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