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A calf looks so fragile-a big body balanced on four thin stick like legs-and a priceless expression of longing as well as not understanding what's going on. Especially when it is the only animal in the horizon - a dry empty place covered by a few scraggly bushes which are more brown than green.
Welcome to Madhya Pradesh in the Indian sommer. Hot and dry. And lonely.
political unrest yet again. this time in the state of Kings & Queens. the sect in question does not want to be k&q anymore - they want to be regarded poor and helpless and thus qualify for quotas. thus they have revolted and shut off traffic to and from Rajasthan. For all practical purposes at least.
I wish I knew that before boarding the super-fast Rajdhani Express to Delhi yesterday evening.
The train has taken a detour from Gujarat and is strolling thru aforementioned MP on its way to the capital of India. we hope to reach Delhi 24 hours since we began the journey - instead of the luxurious short restful overnight journey envisaged which would have dropped us in the city after lots of food & a restful night, at 8:30 in the a.m.
thus after eons I get to view the central Indian landscape. All said and done it is time to myself after ages.An ebbing & flowing network ensures I waste more time reading an e-book and listening to music than blabbering away. And sleep. uninterrupted - well, almost (my fellow travelers are a talkative lot)
Hence I shall sit back and enjoy the forced solitude. Well, almost-solitude!

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