DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Anger management

While I waited for my flight to land in Mumbai*, I discovered a new game.
A game of all the cutting remarks you can make to the steward/ess or to the pilot (in form of a note), as the plane makes you later and later than the scheduled arrival time. (Ground traffic control faults be damned! You are the one suffering and you have someone to blame!)

'Lady/ Mister** are we landing tonight or
- shall I get my parachute ready?
- are trying to check how long the fuel can keep us in the air?
- do I need to take my 12 hour sleeping pills?
- are you trying to improve our stargazing capabilities? (warning: works only for night flights)
- will you wait till my night vision becomes as good as an owl's?
- you will wait till I run out of songs on my 8Gb ipod?  (Doesn't matter if you doint have one. Figuratively everyone and their uncle does)

Add your own. It at least channels your anger energy into more interesting channels, for the time. And if you have observed the stewards faces and education level, you can almost see their reactions. ^_^

* No, the renovation of the airport has not improved landing traffic congestion and even if your flight reaches before time you will be lucky if you land 30 mins after your scheduled landing time. Mumbai airport is a Mess, and will remain so in the foreseeable future - at least as foreseeable as me.
** Pilots hate being called "mister" and air hostesses are not called lady often enough, at least not positively. Not in India at least.


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