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Home Delivery!

Ive noticed one main problem with home delivery of stuff.

You need to have a stash of liquid cash. Paper money. To be lazy enough to not go out and get your stuff means hoarding notes at home. Uncle Scrooge would never have a problem. Provided he asked for home delivery.

Many a times has happened that what M & I ordered depended a lot upon the change in our wallets - a ten here and a twenty there. And sometimes it has so happened that after an order I realise there is not enough in my wallet. So, off I have to go, dress and to the nearest ATM to get money and pay the guy who got me something from a shop opposite my house, closer than the ATM, which would have accepted cards.

Once infact, I asked the Pizza guy to drop me to the ATM so I could pay him, and then walked all the way back while my pizza cooled off at home.

Sash, your escapade reminded me of all this.

Sigh, now if only there was home delivery of money ;)

PS - not every one can carry the credit card handhelds now, can they.
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