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Anonymous Fame

It was a company of 6, with a floating population of one. Two amongst them all were teetotallers.
It was a post office "get together" at a nearby small but popular wine bistro. Free flowing wine - nice. Free flowing wine drinkers from work - not so nice. Overall a decent evening of nice wine n food.

However, this is more about the NDTV Profit camera trained on us as on the other occupants for a special news issue on growing wine industry in India. Ah well, we said, as long as I do not appear on National TV said everyone and raised their red/ white/ yellow (energy drink)/ black (Pepsi) classes and clinked them.

So, you surmise, no one wants publicity. I hid behind my colleague who was in the line of sight of the camera, and another slunk further into the corner in which he was seated (whether that was the result of a bottle of wine or the camera I dont quite know).

The hostess of the show thankfully chose a location closer to the wine bottles at the counter for her closing remarks.

What do you know? Apparently at least four members of that group (including the slinking one) was tuned into NDTV Profit over the weekend hoping to catch a glimpse of themselves on TV. They did finally see the show, since they reported it to all, yesterday in office. But they saw a 5second zoomed coverage of me draining my glass and a blur of them. Apparently the cameraman noticed that I was the only woman in the group.
And I never bothered to tune into NDTV Profit, nevermind after office. But I would have liked to see what the footage was about, really.

It seems people do want their dose of publicity and fame - no matter 2 seconds on TV. As for me, I would have preferred a name under my pic to make it worth my while to tune in.

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17th Jun, 2008 07:52 (UTC)
1. Party
2. Publicity
3. Dippy!
4. repeat step 4
5. ????
6. (NDTV)Profit!!!
:D :D
17th Jun, 2008 08:07 (UTC)
Re: dipsytv
wish that Profit, was Mine! :D
I will make it mine if you finance ;)
17th Jun, 2008 14:00 (UTC)
Re: dipsytv
Me thinks step 4 should redirect to step 1
18th Jun, 2008 05:20 (UTC)
Re: dipsytv
ah, that I clarified by Chat, you see.
Above is joke on common Bush formula:
1. Accuse Saddam of having weapons of mass destruction
2. Invade Iraq
3. Walk around for a while, kill some babies
4. Repeat step four
5. ???????
6. Profit!!!
18th Jun, 2008 05:45 (UTC)
Re: dipsytv
Nah it goes back even older than that- 1 2 3 profit' is a popular gag on Slashdot.
19th Jun, 2008 06:03 (UTC)
Re: dipsytv
yeah, true, older than slashdot actually.

Dint log in?
26th Jun, 2008 16:43 (UTC)
Yay!! We know someone who came on TV :D
27th Jun, 2008 06:24 (UTC)
Re: JM
lol yeah! tho only 5 secs, and that too anonymously though
( 8 comments — Leave a comment )

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