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To Elves, who barely hold a Council!

sashdude, rexzilla and I, had in our blogging history attempted at creating a pot of creative talent by community blogging. Ambitiously, Sashdude created a community forum on LJ and named it Elvencouncil. The remaining two became members promptly.
It never really took off in the directional initially intended - that of serious or funny discussions. Perhaps it would have been more successful now with the ease of RSS prompts and feed alerts - unlike then, when we had to check mail or the page to see an update. Also, I guess the fact that Rexzilla and I had not really met/ communicated much till then made a difference. This was, afterall, 2004!
However, one day it did gather steam. And boy, the steam was downright scalding! In the form of Alphabetic storymaking we found our talents combine (with much help also from Apachepunk) and created a story of time travel and elves and what-not. Simply put, we had fun. And ran the story to more than one round of the alphabet.

Recently (specifically yesterday), I restarted on request of Rajarex, and the theme this time was rather different. After 2005, this was the first activity by our community - just to build a story from where the previous person left off. And though the story is taking much more initiative than last time, being of a more complex nature, as of now it looks promising, and as I mentioned to Sasdude, is almost inspiring me to start off on a tangent, individual initiative spanning a couple of chapters.
I hope it shapes up on Elven, and we have fun again (already, teasing each other with improbable twists is a challenge we are enjoying to the fullest - and discussing 'offline').

Since childhood it has always been fun to play games where we strain our creative talents to continue where the last person left off - be it conversation, story building or just plain lies to be told to Mom.

Eventually it is about finding the right people to play the game with where you challenge each other, but egg each other on, and goad them to just the centimetre behind the edge. Just enough to have fun.


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26th Jun, 2008 10:29 (UTC)
there were
these small GI Joe books, when i was a kid. They started off with a story, and midway you had a choice, if u went to page 63 the baddies would win, if u carried on, the good guys would, and you could make several choices as to how to end the book.. Was a bundle of fun,especially for an imaginative kid. The interactive aspect of the whole thing was what i liked, but unfortunately i couldnt share the joy of that with anyone.
This is like a second chance, to not only read, but take part in that adventure. It is also a good outlet for the creativity, that we possess, but which has been suppressed by the humdrum of everyday life. Writing posts on individual blogs is one thing, but relating to and carrying on from another's thoughts however close the relationship maybe is different and of course fun. :) Cheers!!.
26th Jun, 2008 12:00 (UTC)
Re: there were
I remember some more books which were like that! Some fake Enid Blytons too >.
26th Jun, 2008 21:44 (UTC)
Go see the latest!
Iz late now but I figured I'd up the action a bit!
Your turn ^^
27th Jun, 2008 06:24 (UTC)
Re: Go see the latest!
faster than you could say "go" - reply is in place!
1st Jul, 2008 09:17 (UTC)
Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Dippy Blogs’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

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This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)

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