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Vaporous Water

Droplets coalesce, merging together they gather momentum and splash into water puddles on Earth.
Slowly, as the clouds part and the sun peeps through the puddles evaporate in a light mist of water vapour, rising, mingling into the immediate atmosphere. The visible droplets become invisible again, hide within air, vaporous, not even mist, on low plains.

Slowly, the air becomes heavy with laden moisture - tiny invisible molecules, hiding, biding their time. Waiting to once again become denser, heavier, take on a firmer shape in the higher reaches of the atmosphere.Yet calm enough in the gay abandon of mixing with the gasses closer to Earth's surface. As they cling closer to Earth, so does the weight of air increase.

The people complain of humidity. Their combined breath adds to the heavy air - sweat appears on their skin - tiny globules of liquid. They switch on air conditioners and fans. They contribute their own moisture to the immediate atmosphere, unknowingly bending to the whim of H2O.

Slowly, with heat and dust the water vapour rises in air, exulting in the cooler climes - till they condense. And join other droplets and others... till they become a large mass of closely placed droplets wafting in the winds, moving, gathering strength in hotter climes, and they get transported to cold regions. Mountain tops and valleys.

Ah! the cold. It makes the molecules cling to each other, change form. Some become dense, and form light clouds clinging to mountains, while others coalesce and rain down. Down onto earth, looking towards new beginnings, biding their time till they can rise up again, and become invisible to the human eye.

I recently promised a friend that I would write an exciting post on 'water vapour', as compared to 'clouds'. Clouds, it seems are romantic topics. No matter what you write on clouds, it will turn out nice. Puddles are not nice, I say. But that falls on unheeding ears - especially when the pavements are paved and need to leave the residence is minimal. However, water vapour it was, though interesting it might not have been.

Got interrupted many times, only to manage to post it now.
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