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Getting My Pair

For some time now, Ive been thinking about getting a new pair of jeans. Like my older ones, Im in love with my present pair and to get a replacement is something about which I really need to convince myself. However, I definitely need to get a new pair, and thus when I pass by a jeans store, I peep in to see what's available - just in case I like something, I will buy n keep for the day when my present breathes its last.
But one look inside and everything looks the same. I end up walking out, without a purchase.

When wrangler advertised the 'old, used' look for jeans, it was novel, and it became something you wanted. That was ages ago. I can understand they still look nice. Fresh dark blue jeans can look 'uncool'. But not everyone wants to look cool! Why then, do most stores store only that frayed look? (Special note to Levis and Wrangler!)

Do you remember the 'stonewash' monstrosity? It hurt your eyes everywhere on the streets. Yes, the trend is gone. But what about the people who genuinely liked it?

Bootcuts came, and not a store stored anything but. If I go looking for one now, Ill go crazy. Because no shop will have a single brand with bootcut legs.

Sometime last year Levis advertised their skinny fit jeans. Now thats the only design you get in all shops. I grant you, they may be the rage of the country, but what if I want something that still looks good when bootcuts are back in fashion? (Besides, they remind me of my Mom's times, when bottoms were the drainpipe look.)

High waists, low waists, medium waists, button flys, zips, red tabs...whatever. Let me choose what fits me best.

Think about the people with HUGE butts who are an embarrassment to people walking behind them? I dont want to look at big bottoms encased in tight fitting, ultra-low waist, skinny fit jeans jiggling away in front of me on an escalator! Give those women a chance to try on and buy something they would look good in. And a chance to understand that they would look better in something else. A differently packed vanilla is still Vanilla.

To get a pair of designer jeans is quite beyond me. Hey! I dont even get the point of embroidered jeans, forget getting something which is nice but costs a fortune. Jeans, for me, are the ultimate in long term, rough wear. Maybe one universal pair for evenings and another universal pair for everything else. Better than a black dress, because they are tough. Even in that case, Im not ready to but a pair of Victoria Beckham jeans just because they are nice - because, eventually, its not worth the money. Who sees the label anyway?

But eventually, I may be driven to any of these outlandish brands (if I can afford it) just to get something other than what the normal retail stores contain. Something apart from what the manufacturers are pushing us to buy. I would like a pair of jeans I am comfortable in, not what the neighbour in the shop is buying.

And that, may be the reason Levi's and Dockers were hit so hard on their profit line (98% dip in profits this yr!). Perhaps in the 110 countries where they sell, they tried the same thing - sell what they are programming us to buy. What's the point?
There are people who will wear the low waist, or the brand new blue, or the pre-washed almost-white, or the bootcut...or whatever, all their lives! Removing those from the stores, or making them difficult to find, and combining that with an old brand, makes people go to newer stores which have more designs.

Lee, Levis, Pepe, Wrangler, ... old brands, which dont have the zing anymore. I can imagine my sister opting to buy a J Brand rather than any of them, unless they had some good designs (Ok so maybe she will want them because some celebrity wore them rather than just good design!) - given she had the choice. In India you still dont have that many choices unless youre in the top strata - much easier for the countries where they are not as inaccessible.

Jeans, unlike the clothes you buy from Marks and Spenser's, or a Pantaloons (India) are longer lasting than clothes you wear for a season and get rid of. Jeans, are something you live in, get comfortable about, and at least for me, will to last till they can. In that scenario, I would like to go to a shop and either find the perfect pair from a medley of designs, or just ask for the "Levis 501" and be done with it.
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