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We travel in A/C cars, in a suitable temperature, with an air freshener of our choice - isolated from the environment outside.
We listen to music on earphones all the time - impervious to the sounds outside.
Every free moment we are checking our mobile phones - sending messages or making calls, reading mails or even books. Who has the time to look at the crowds outside.
Once hooked on the net, we read up news of our choice - through feeds and other means. News that we want to hear.
We sit in offices with artificial lighting and blinds drawn, using email and phones rather than physical meetings and talks.
We eat food delivered from unknown kitchens by unknown faces, made to taste the same, standard and made to look hygienic.
We communicate with people we like, when we like, how we like - meeting, calling, texting, chatting...

With more technology to make the world closer, smaller, more accessible, we seem to be losing touch with the real world, right next to us.
When was the last time you were aware of the rain outside, the smell on the way, the screams of a loudspeaker announcing a prospective bandh the next day, or even about the bandh, till you encountered a person who faced it on the streets?

At the end of the day, we are living in the immediate world, not in another part of the global arena. With all the tools to know why person X in a certain corner of the world got beaten up, we seem to miss the local news of the person murdered next door.


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16th Jul, 2008 08:58 (UTC)
Re: It also doesn't help..
When i used the subway in Cal for college, we knew the people n sometimes talked to them in those 30 mins.
Ppl in local trains have made grps of frnds
Buses have too volatile a crowd to make frnds.

personal space and minding own business is not something that is inherent in Indians. how long before the person next to u (in bus/ train/ aeroplane/ home) says hi and goes on to ask your marital status/ monthly income/ family...?

The whole isolation starts when you use your individual transport system - 9 times out of 10 ppl who drive a certain route will not know of a landmark on the way - as long as they never used it.

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