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A few days ago there were a string of bomb blasts in India. 7 in Bangalore and 17 in Ahmedabad. 5 were diffused in Surat and threats were sent to Kerala.

they were all low-intensity gelatin based bombs, but located at places that case major damage. They were packed with sharpnel and bolts. The point is not how many died, but how many got injured and are debilitated for life.

No one has pinpointed the reason for this attack. Why? What was the tipping point? This is not a training phenomenon, not a mad rush to injure people for fun.
This was well planned, days, weeks in advance. There were bombs in front of hospitals - and there was a bomb inside the trauma ward of a civil hospital. A trauma ward of a hospital which entertains the largest number of people at any given time, of any ethnic background, gender or age. People who are already dying.

But the memory of the blasts are already history. No one really cares. 'Black Monday' as it was called was only judged a few months ago.

Does the fact that the blasts did not happen in an accredited 'metro' city of India not make them important? These two cities are the important source of secondary income in India after Bombay. Does every attack have to be important only when it is on 'Mumbai'?

Where are the leaders of the state, to give people hope and at least a statement of justice. Perhaps they dont need to. People have already lived over it. They were out watching movies and eating out on Sunday, when the blasts happened on saturday. Why then, should someone stand up and say 'dont worry, we are going to find these terrorists'?

Isnt it time we gave some mind-space to these terrorists? Isnt it time we were terrified of them? Or at least, try to stop them from terrifying us?

Or is human life really this cheap and meaningless.


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29th Jul, 2008 14:05 (UTC)
Yup, iz meaningless..
Just like the cat that imagines the danger is gone if it closes its eyes. That's how everyone is. 'It can't happen to me/mine'.
And when it does, boohoo.
30th Jul, 2008 06:58 (UTC)
Re: Yup, iz meaningless..
the usual phrase involves ostriches and sand, but Ill grant u the cat.
30th Jul, 2008 05:39 (UTC)
it is
no longer being indifferent, it is now actual apathy. Apathy of knowing that several people are being killed, but pretending its not part of our life, apathy of another person's life. And the worst part is, the media paints this as the resilience of a community or city.
Ahmedabad's resilient citizens bounced back after the horrific incident. I mean what resilience?, one first of all doesnt have a choice and two its utter lack of sensitivity.
30th Jul, 2008 07:05 (UTC)
Re: it is
Apathy! exactly.

Feel bugged with the residents. They were out watching movies and eating food on roads. But i guess when you dont think its important/ close enough to home, thats what you do.
Closer case - Rex was bored of home and considering u cant really safeguard against bomb blasts, went off to Forum and lunch
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