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New Notepaad

So I got hold of the motherboard circuit from an old keyboard and used it to modify a spiral writing pad last night.

writing pad
Looks decent eh?
writing pad again
Yes, that is indeed a mother board / circuit. The yellow bit of paper is a dry-cleaners bill which I have kept tucked in that instead of in my bulging wallet - it also shows off the pocket better on camera. This also makes the notepad waterproof.

The second snap shows the notepad resting on my keyboard with a pen inside. The actual pages are a nice bright blue, on which blue ink looks almost-black.

I will soon try to make more versions now that this experiment has turned out decent. After all, lack of a smartphone means I'm back to paper and pen - but not without a little circuitry!


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31st Jul, 2008 10:58 (UTC)
Should'nt the cover be stiff?
Looks like a regular paper cover..perhaps you should back it with stiff cardboard (old visiting cards would do).
31st Jul, 2008 12:01 (UTC)
Re: Should'nt the cover be stiff?
no, its plastic, and malleable. so not gonna back it with cardboard. plus its already stuck on the notepad - and acts as a pocket for bits of paper.
I guess the snaps make it look like paper, but physically its got small holes in it too (for the screws) - which u cant see in the snap.
31st Jul, 2008 11:14 (UTC)
i knew, that it looked suspiciously like a keyboard's plastic PCB.. the moment i saw it.. :D.. looks cool re.. See if you can put a green background to it, then it will look like a PC motherboard :D. u can put it up on http://thinkgeek.com or something ..:)
31st Jul, 2008 12:01 (UTC)
Re: kewl!!
^^ was thinking black, but yeah green will be good too.
will get a green book/ bag/ item as base next time.
1st Aug, 2008 00:26 (UTC)
Nice work
Nice use of the circuit sheets!
1st Aug, 2008 05:07 (UTC)
Re: Nice work
1st Aug, 2008 06:51 (UTC)
things flauntable!
now that looks like a notepad which was conceived with raison d'atre of " FLAUNT". Like Achiles was born to kill. :D
nice way to flaunt on the keyboard ;)
Do u have pin up boards on the partitions of your desk? then u can make another hangup pouch of pcb to keep ur notepad in full view ;)
1st Aug, 2008 07:03 (UTC)
Re: things flauntable!
A PCB hold-it-all-pouch sounds amazing! ^____^
2nd Aug, 2008 04:56 (UTC)
Pretty neat.
I would never have guessed the origins of the sheet :D But the circuit imagery gives it a very “techie” look.

2nd Aug, 2008 04:57 (UTC)
Re: Pretty neat.
:D yeah - geeky look was aspired at!
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