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Update time!

Ive realised that its been a long, a real long time since I wrote anything (here). And that is not because of lack of things to say. I just did not want to rant. I did not feel like dedicating my time to write about what is irritating and bugging and slowing down what I want to do. Like my missing phone (which is back) and the intrusive construction in my house (which is almost done now) and a sprained toe (whose pain is finally dying) to name a few. And these things always got in the way of the wonderful brilliant idea(s) I wanted to talk about.

However, the other reason was, there was already a lot of 'writing' going on at work. Dont ask, let it just suffice to say that I had a word document open in front of me for the past so many weeks. The other part of the work having been completed before, all I had to do day in and out (and am still doing) is 'type type type' on an unexciting MS Word.

The real interesting bit is, finally I am going on a short vacation, and thats not the end of it. I have another one coming up in October (God willing ;). And this time Im going vacationing with one of my brothers. Now that, to me, is noteworthy. And the fact that it will take me away from 'Ganeshotsav' the never-ending festival. *Sighs with relief*

Finally the month is ending, and it has been a busy one. What with a new colleague and neighbour, lots of partying (thanks to Bday) and long weekends, its a month that both whizzed past and does not, simply does not seem to end. I made a few domestic purchases this month ^^ and some of my Puja gift buying too, so thats some of the future headaches off my head ;)

So, thats broadly what has been happening. At least, if the present  hiatus dies down, I can hope for a more peaceful month ahead. And no, Im not writing anything special/ interesting on this post.


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27th Aug, 2008 05:11 (UTC)
it IS is a long whizzing dizzying month! lots of moving around and a 5 day long break a distant memory ! been two times broke this month and still not ending!
good ! get ur camera serviced with an inventory of blank rolls and AA batteries! i hear u had read a photography book cover to cover sitting in a Xword one day?
27th Aug, 2008 06:31 (UTC)
Re: seriously!
BTW, what all did u buy? anything interesante? ;>
28th Aug, 2008 06:17 (UTC)
Re: seriously!
Oh lots of interesting things :D
call me, Ill tell you! ^^
27th Aug, 2008 05:16 (UTC)
Ah well, Happy Birthday!
28th Aug, 2008 06:16 (UTC)
^_^ thanks!
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