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Language and Social websites

People think in their native tongue no matter what. Because that is what they hear. Place them away from their habitat of native tongue thinkers and they speak differently.
It is not a question of whether you think in your native tongue and then translate it and speak it out. It is a matter of what you are used to. It is a matter of using a form of a language. Where else will you hear "Come ooon, yaar!" No wonder English English and US English can sound so alien on an Indians tongue.

Of course, English is widely used in India. But its different all over the country. Someone from the southern part of India will add the "da" or the famous "cyom on". Or, transform the 'Come' into a Khom if they are from the East. But then, this becomes too reminiscent of My Fair Lady for me to pursue the topic.

However, the language per se, the sentence formation, etc. differ by native touches. Sample these

Just as I was entering... (jaisi hi main wahan gayi...)
Eaten? (khana khaya?)
Do, na!? (karo, na!)

and when the same people move around a lot with people who speak differently, so does the diction.
So, though people just transliterate from native tongue, it is heavily influenced by what the peers are using.


There are socialising websites, and then there are some more. However, to keep putting in the kind of effort each requires on a regular basis is asking too much. Facebook for examples demands your full attention. Let it lie around for a day and you've already missed out on some pokes and pings and what-nots. And soon the pile just grows adn grows. Its like a full time attention grabbing machine. Orkut is only marginally better with its Portuguese spam.

However, on the other hand you have places like Linked In. Polite, nice clean places. Where all you have to do is build the initial community around you. Then it takes care of itself. People find you, or you find them, accidentally. There is no pressing need to know exactly what the other person is eating (why should you know anyway?) or feeling great or blue. There is, in this awesome place, no one shoving that information down your throat the moment you open your page. The pages are easy to load, you do your work and go away. You say Hi to ppl if you want, send them mails, recommend them, look up where they are working and all without having to do it because you are out of touch. A visit a month more than suffices. If you want, you can be more active and participate in forums. But once a crtitical mass is achieved, you can sit back and relax if you want. It will take care of itself.

Now, everyone knows LinkedIn is a formal network - a place working ppl meet. I guess that is the reason it has remained so clean. I just hope it remains that way. Because anything that is just a 'social' place is just to noisy. It is ridiculous how in tools like Facebook and Orkut where your personal life is displayed, people try and form formal associations. Of course they fail, unless you are in that kind of professional life where the culture is casual and it doesn't really matter that your superboss looks at your photograph with some people or the comments left on your 'wall' by friends.

But I wish there was a simpler, cleaner, lighter-to-load 'social networking tool' which just allowed me to send emails to the people I know, without the intrusive details or the obsessive-compulsive merry-making involved.

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