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Womens day - A concept I despised till it suddenly struck me, why it is necessary. Being the quiet feminist that I am, I considered this a demeaning of Women, a way to show that women are not equal and need a 'special' day. But then it struck me after 2 yrs of work in not the most 'equal' of organizations, that it is very necessary.

Not everyone is emancipated and agree that women get equal rites and the regular stuff. Now why would I say that Womens day is necessary? Read below:

1. To make men aware of the fact that women are just the same, and they dont need special treatment (in work) everyday. Once in 365 days will be enough. Hence, please go ahead and do your thing on 8th march, leave us alone for the rest of the year! [this is for men who unnecssarily try to be polite to women, ask them to leave at 630 coz toehrwise it will be too late in the night etc etc]

2. Hey you...(Indian) male! Here I am a woman! acknowledge my presence in this office. It aint your office, it aint your territory...I need to work just as much as you, and I am already here. Dont act like women working is alien and that they work if not better, equal to you, without effort. See how many of there are, and how many more you need!

3. Women! wake up!! Look around you, look at other examples of yourself, and act smarter! You are not here alone, and neither are you the 'pet'. Enjoy today and then tomorrow dont give others a chance to have to celebrate or emancipate you. For you will ahve to emancipate yourself and reach the stage where it will nto matter what sex you are at workplace.

The world has a lot to learn yet. Just because we are one of the few that know and acknowledge similarities does not mean that the same holds true for all of the world. If we are awake, we need the world to wake up.

Sadly, today Womens day coincided with Shivratri - a festival often seen in the wrong light. Often seen by everyone (mostly women) as a festival where a woman prays for the best husband and starves for the day...a thought I personally feel manipulated by men and often misinterpreted by women (to paly the game of being subjugted - freedom afterall is scary and has its own responsibilities) to convert into a demeaning of women - an unnecesasary subjugation. Men celebrate this festival jsut as much as women, and not just for handsome husbands, but because it is the day to pray for Lord Shiva.

Coming to the point where I mentioned women themselves are not enthusiastic about being at par with men - consider this. How many middle and lower Middle class women have made a mark or are actually working or in fact striving to be or are independant? Not many. Ther are examples of women doing a job. But not many. They do not exert and do their Best to improve for they dont feel the nedd to. Whether i reality they aer happy at home living off the pay of their husbands or is it that they dont even realise their capabilities I dont know. In most cases I maintain that since childhood they have been taought to think in this way, where they cannot dream of thinking beyond the obvious and trying to achieve as much as the 'man of the family' in most cases the father pets the daughter to an extent where she is next to incapable of doing somthing on her own. she has low confidence. And then the torch is held up, so to speak, by the husband.
Result being, when suddnely thrown into the world unarmed (by a man) the mediocre indian woman reacts by either giving up, becoming a martyr and survining through relatives, else by being a radical, discovering her sudden capabilites and suceeding to be the pillars of do-gooders (in the positive sense).
thus we see so many women as radicals, helping others, improving the society in what little way they can, earning their living and even doing exceptionally well in the circumstance.

March 8th, for once I sit back and acknowledge and write down some things I know, believe in subconcious. And I see how I myself have changed my view over the years.

Unless you face it, you dont know it.
You cant learn from others mistakes.

You dont know what it is out there til you are there. Ask me. I did not believe it till I faced it.
There is a reason the customs have come up...for good or worse, it is for us to decide.

You can use a mirror to reflect light and change the angle of the mirror to hurt your eyes, or to light up the path. Afterall, it is upto you.
You can see the occassions as something to ridicule, something useless, or make it something worthwhile. Educate people about it, in what you think is the right thing, by being IN the system, not by ridiculing and abolishing the system. The reason the system is there is because it is comfortable. Make the change comfortable, for that is what people desire.

Be the example, not the anomaly.

You dont need to fight to rebel, you can just as well excel in what you do and quietly prove your point.

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9th Mar, 2005 06:31 (UTC)
wow do u write well or what.. well i dont think i dare comment, you
ve tied up the ends rather well. and though you have made some assumptions i dare say they are pretty much on target.
14th Mar, 2005 18:51 (UTC)
Seemed to me that you didn't have much work !!!!!
It seemed to me that you didn't have much work !!!!! Or how else could you type such a long blog??? Geez... It was so big and full of venom that I fell asleep mid-way thru' it. Hehehe. But your point is taken; though I never felt the need to have a special day to praise or pray for women !!! Chalo, hope you feel lighter, now that you have got the whole thing off your chest!!!
15th Mar, 2005 11:04 (UTC)
Re: Seemed to me that you didn't have much work !!!!!
Dear Rex,
I did have work, but sometimes you realise the need of somethings.
and that writing will be better than letting the thought and inspiratin go.
And eitherway dont get to leave office early. THis was something written post official office hrs. Why let something plague me till next day and hope for 'free' time. It never comes.
And typing doesnt take long. 30 mins off ones work time is not too much. U spend the same amt of time doing things like takin pics, going for a walk and comment and reading blogs.
As for getting it off my chest. Well, there is no 'venom' per se...and i felt it was something that was required for ppl (like u say). Just like u feel the need of ur consumer based blogs. which go on about an example of an internet connection where there is no need for details. and of similarity of ppl and companies... ;)

Now this is what u call a venomous comment!
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